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RPG Podcast #021 | Rise and Grind w/ Raquel Pennington

Welcome to the Robert Patton Global Podcast. Join SHEATH Underwear CEO, Robert Patton, as he sits down with talented, impassioned and determined individuals from all walks of life for a melding of the minds. This series' primary focus is to map out a systemic approach to peak human performance by exploring the fundamental attributes of motivation, creativity, optimization and well-being as crucial tools in the strife for success.

For the season finale, Robert is joined by UFC Fighter Raquel Pennington for a discussion on the latest news in the fighting world, her goals and routines, and the determination it takes to reach your goals.

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-Show Notes-

0:54- UFC Bantamweight fighter Raquel Pennington is a native from Colorado Springs who enjoys hiking, hunting and fishing, often paired with smoking weed and eating edibles.

2:48- Pennington describes the importance of having a reset from the gym to spend time with friends and family.

4:24- Patton is in agreement that breath work is a superpower in itself.

6:20- Ice baths are something that Pennington uses for injuries and Patton does them to charge up for the day.

8:58- Pennington has always wanted to be a professional athlete but never thought she would make it this far.

11:04- Pennington relates her last fight to The Ultimate Fighter because there was a lack of audience and a quarantined environment.

14:37- Because of the quarantine, Pennington and and her partner Tecia Torres, a UFC Straw weight, converted their garage into a home gym.

17:35-Having dogs to take care of has brought peace to both Pennington and Patton. Pennington has two cats and seven dogs, the seventh being a foster after being rescued late at night when she had a craving for graham crackers randomly and drove to the grocery store. Patton’s wife, Stacey helps in rehabilitating dogs that have been abandoned and abused to prepare them for their forever home.

20:31- Because of her current injury, Pennington has found it extra beneficial that her foster dog is great walking buddy and keeps her motivated.

22:58- “We (SHEATH) have four distribution centers in the US and one in Canada.” (Patton)

26:44- “I think the psychology of fighting, Raquel could tell you the best because she worked with a couple of sports psychologists, even just talking about the fight, there’s a way to do it, to where you don’t get more anxious about it.” (Juan Gonzalez, Pennington’s Kickboxing Coach)

29:33- The art of flow state is used to become mentally and physically ready to perform.

33:40- The Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls Documentary, The Last Dance is referenced by Patton when talking about mental toughness and a competitive spirit.

36:38- Patton’s happy place is shooting around by himself at the basketball court, Pennington is also a fellow baller.

38:50- “I will be forever humble, that is in my DNA.” (Pennington)

39:38- Pennington talks about her maximum effort approach she teaches as a high school gymnastics coach.

47:11- Making weight for fights used to be stressful, but now Pennington has fun with the process.

49:30- After going vegetarian for a month, Pennington describes her energy level as incredible after numerous set backs in finding a balanced diet because of hormone shift post surgery.

53:32- It isn’t a specific diet that helps Pennington, clean eating seems to be the most effective.

58:49- Patton got in touch with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone through Tecia Torres.

1:01:01- The prototype of SHEATH was made in Iraq when Patton took his standard issued underwear to the local tailer.

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