About Us

Behind the Brand

Our Story

SHEATH was first conceived out of sheer necessity in the sweltering heat of the Iraqi desert by US Army Sergeant, Robert Patton. After many iterations and long bouts at the drawing board, Patton perfected the design and saw it as a powerful aid to not only himself, but the world.

Following retirement from his military career, Patton put his invention in motion and would go on to become the founder and CEO of the SHEATH apparel brand. Today, our team continues to grow as we strive to provide our groundbreaking isolative comfort the world over.

Our Mission

To motivate and inspire change through style, comfort and confidence.

Our Promise

Unrivaled quality. World-class service. The opportunity to not only look your best, but feel your best.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

We have searched the globe, leaving no stone unturned in order to find the most exquisite blends of quality fabrics to use in our products. Our catalog features a wide variety of fabric blends, all of which have been strenuously tested to ensure long-lasting comfort and moisture prevention in even the most extreme circumstances.

Luxury Like No Other

Scientifically-engineered and carefully crafted, our isolation pouch technology provides a level of comfort never before conceived. Available in both Single Pouch and Dual Pouch iterations, our designs excel in maintaining a cool, dry and chafe-free environment

Revolutionary by Design

We can go on about our superior craftsmanship, calculative design and stylish appearance, but nothing will convince you quite like slipping into a pair of SHEATH Underwear for yourself. It feels as if the jewels are being treated like royalty, given their own private sanctum which keeps them secure and you in a state of bliss.