Our products

  • 2.1  - 3.5 inch inseam length, dual pouch with fly, sports waistband, signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric blend
  • 3.21 - 5 inch inseam length, dual pouch with fly, fabric covered waistband, signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric blend
  • 4.0  - 5 inch inseam length, dual pouch with fly, sports waistband, signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric blend
  • Camo  - 5 inch inseam length, dual pouch with fly, sports waistband, traditional 94% Polyester Fiber / 6% Elastane blend
  • AirFlow - 5 inch inseam length, dual pouch with fly, sports waistband, ultra-breathable 94% Polyamide / 6% Elastane blend
  • Paisley - 5 inch inseam length, dual pouch with fly, sports waistband, signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric blend
  • Horizontal - 5 inch inseam length, single pouch with horizontal fly, sports waistband, traditional 94% Polyester Fiber / 6% Elastane blend
  • SHEATH V - 8 inch inseam length, dual pouch with fly, sports waistband, signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric blend
  • Brief - dual pouch with fly, signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric blend
  • Base Layers - Top and Bottoms, equipped with dual pouch with fly, sports waistband, signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric blend
  • Men’s Bamboo Trainer T-shirts - made of 65% Bamboo, 28% Cotton, and 8% Spandex (NON - Returnable/Refundable)
  • Hoodie - Athletic pullover design crafted with 68% Bamboo, 27% Cotton and 5% Spandex blend (NON - Returnable/Refundable)
  • Neck Gaiter - Protective neck and face garment crafted with 68% Bamboo, 27% Cotton and 5% Spandex blend (NON - Returnable/Refundable)
  • Face Mask - Protective face mask crafted from 100% Cotton (NON - Returnable/Refundable)



    • Women’s Boxer Brief, sports waistband, no cheeks peeking, signature 92% Modal & 8% Elastane fabric blend

    • Women's Sports Bra, sports band, no padding, no underwire, signature 92% Modal & 8% Elastane fabric blend


    Size Chart (Men) Inches

    • Small - 28-30

    • Medium - 32-34

    • Large - 36-38

    • XL - 40-42

    • XXL - 44-46

    • XXXL - 48-50


    Size chart (Women) Inches

    • XS - 24-25 waist or Dress size 00/0

    • S - 26-27 waist or Dress size 2

    • M - 28-29 waist or Dress Size 4

    • L - 30-31 waist or Dress size 6/8

    • XL - 32-33 waist or Dress size  8/10

    Q: How do I find the right size for me?
    A: Our size chart (shown above) should give you a pretty good idea but we understand that some people are in between our sizes. For the best fit with SHEATH, it will depend on our build and if your weight fluctuates. If you're on the athletic slim body type, with thinner thighs and smaller butt, keeping to your usual size would be better. Especially if your weight stays pretty stagnant. If you're on the thicker side, with larger thighs and butt, a larger size might would work better. SHEATH should fit like a second skin. SHEATH should fit snug but not tight and that allows the dual pouch to work its supportive magic.


    Q: What is SHEATH Underwear made out of?
    A: Well, we offer our products in a variety of luxurious fabric blends, most notably our signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric blend. Modal is a semi synthetic material made from the beech tree. It is an antimicrobial, breathable, and very flexible material. It is very soft, drapes well, resists creasing, and has a smooth lustrous finish. Because modal is both absorbent and air-permeable or breathable, it is cool to the touch. Other fabric options for select products include our 94% Polyester Fiber / 6% Elastane blend and our 94% Polyamide / 6% Elastane blend.


    Q: How do I wash my SHEATH Underwear?
    A: For longevity of our product, please wash them on delicate (cold) and dry them on a low heat tumble OR line dry for the longest lasting SHEATH.
    If you need MORE cleaning power, you can use Vinegar for it's disinfecting properties. One delicate cold vinegar cycle and then a delicate cold detergent cycle.


    Q: Are the pouch sizes different?
    A: No, our pouch size is the same in all of our models. As you go up in waist sizes, our pouch size remains the same. The dimensions of the pouch are four inches deep, five inches wide.


    Q: What is the return policy?
    A: We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your first pair of SHEATH. Once you purchase with us and discover that the size or style isn't right for you, we will either refund you or send you another version to try. This policy only works for a customers first order of a single pair. SOURCE: https://www.sheathunderwear.com/pages/returns


    Q: How do I enter a promo code?
    A: At checkout there is prompt box to enter your 'Gift Card or discount code'. Enter the code and hit apply.


    Q: Why isn’t my promo code working?
    A: Our promo codes are case sensitive. Please make sure you have entered the promo code as shown. Please also to be sure the items you are purchasing fall under the promo code criteria.


    Q: Warranty on your products?
    A: SHEATH will replace any pair that is received faulty or damaged.


    Q: What is the process for exchanges?
    A: We have a very strict return policy for sanitary reasons. Once a pair has been opened, we cannot accept them. Please keep them and re-gift or donate them as you see fit. We can always take back unopened/unworn items for refund or replacement. If you would like to exchange an unopened pair for a different size or model, we will send you out the replacement pair, once we receive the original pair. Just send us back the original pair and you’ll be good to go!


    Q: How do I change the currency?
    A: Currency is automatically adjusted based on the geo-location of your IP address.


    Q: Where’s my order?
    A: Your order is usually shipped out within two business days of ordering. A tracking number is attached to your email confirmation. If your order is not received after a week (US) or 3 to 6 weeks (International), contact our customer service contact@sheathunderwear.com and we will get to work on solving this issue for you. Please allow for a couple of extra days during sales and holidays. 


    Q: Is SHEATH for me?
    A: SHEATH is for anyone looking for breathable support and separation in their underwear. Give us a try!


    Q: Why was SHEATH invented?
    A:Initially the creation was made simply to serve the purpose of fixing my own personal comfort until it was highly encouraged that the idea be converted from a personal invention into an actual product on the Market.


    Q: Do you ship internationally?
    A: Yes! We do ship internationally. 


    Q: Where are SHEATH made?
    A: SHEATH Underwear are currently made in Zhongshan, a highly technical area of China best known historically for their role in the first Opium War (don't worry, they lost and are clean off the dope). The area later turned into the Qing Dynasty. It is near a rural area that is known for rice and other agriculture where nearby they have this state of the art production facility for garments where SHEATH as well as Sly, and other underwear brands are made. The workers rotate in and out from the factory to the farm and they do a fantastic job. They enjoy their roots of share cropping and are very professional and meticulous in all of their work. From what we can tell their society is improving from world trade. Their people seem to be extremely well taken care of with over a month off annually from any work in February, for celebration of the Chinese new year.


    Q: When were SHEATH invented?
    A: It was 2008 in the midst of the Iraq war when an Army Sergeant Robert Patton serving his second tour in the desert had a vision for a new design of underwear that would eliminate future irritation resulting from the sticking of balls to the inner thigh under extreme circumstances such as in a war zone. Turns out they also work in less extreme conditions as well. After he had the idea and had some garments made for himself, years passed that included an honorable discharge from the Army, followed by over a year working with a professional tailor from Vietnam, and then in 2013, SHEATH launched a successful Kickstarter which crowdfunded the flagship SHEATH 2.0 version. There was a great deal of effort being taken in perfecting the design.