What is Different about SHEATH Underwear?

What is Different about SHEATH Underwear?

On the outside, SHEATH Underwear appears to be a normal pair of boxer briefs. But it is not what is on the outside that matters, it is what is on the inside that truly counts. If you are reading this, then you have some interest in the SHEATH Brand of underwear and you should, because they are better than traditional as well as other pouched boxer briefs. There is a deep pocket of reasons for why someone should wear SHEATH Underwear, the best mens pouch underwear and the main reason is of course the durably soft inverted kangaroo pouch constructed inside the crotch of the underwear.

At one point dubbed the "Crotch Pocket", (we have since abandoned the cute name but may come back to it), the purpose is to keep the package cool as a spring breeze. As you may very well know, the male genitals can be the warmest part of the body apart from the head and arm pits and this fact was taken into consideration when designing the product. The fact is that the product was initially designed for personal use by the creator and keeping his genitals cool was taken heavily into account. The idea of SHEATH underwear is to keep this uniquely male area of the body cooler, thus countering the overheating generally involved and keeping your junk more comfortable because of reduced sweat which would likely be followed by stickiness and discomfort in the nether regions.

As we all know, under certain circumstances, the male crotch can become a hot sticky mess and we at SHEATH designed our product to reduce heat, eliminating the sticking and keep sweating to a minimum with the contingent that if sweat did occur, it would be wicked away by our light breathable moisture wicking fabric. It isn't mesh, but feel like it could be. Even our flagship 2.0 version keeps you cool and dry all day, but our flashy 3.0 and upcoming 3.2 (available for pre-order) incorporate a new Modal fabric that is lighter, and more breathable with moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties to keep you nice and fresh. As in the famous song by 90''s Rap Sensation OutKast, "So fresh and so clean", this is our goal to keep men the downstairs below the belt buckle .

The "frank and beans" is a very sensitive area in many respects and keeping this area dry fresh and clean can mean the difference between a good day and one filled with micro irritations all day. They may not bad enough to ruin your day but bad enough to take you out of concentration. Some of us rely on our ability to get in the zone or zen to do our job and itchy, sweaty, sticky ball syndrome can be the ultimate disrupter. With SHEATH, you just put them on and get to work. There is no need to hesitate. SHEATH is the best men's underwear available and we offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first pair to try so there is no need to think about it because there is nothing to lose. We implore you some now and "Get in the Zone" with Autozone, or rather Stay Focused with your SHEATH on.

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