SHEATH 3.0 - Zen Pouch (TM) - Mens Underwear


Size Guide

SHEATH UNDERWEAR is the best men's underwear with a functional "Zen Pouch" (TM) for your package. A fit unlike any other that isolates the male organ from the inner thigh region for ultimate relaxation and comfort. 

Additionally, our New Waist Band will be sure to grab attention with the amazing Psychedelic Geometric Pattern Provided by affiliate TimeWheel.

Got Balls? Try SHEATH. 

Fabric 95% Micro Modal, 5% Elastane

Waist Size Chart (inches)

SMALL (28-30)

MEDIUM (32-34)

LARGE (36-38)

XL (40-42)

XXL (44-46)


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Type: SHEATH 3.0

Sizing Chart

Waist Size Chart (inches)

Small (27-30)

Medium (31-34)

Large (35-38)

XL (39-42)

XXL (43-46) Only in Black 2.0, 3.0, & 3.2 and Camo

XXXL (47-50) Only in Ninja Black 2.0