RPG Podcast #026 | The Pathway to Becoming Pro w/ Austin Burge

RPG Podcast #026 | The Pathway to Becoming Pro w/ Austin Burge

Welcome to the Robert Patton Global Podcast. Join SHEATH Underwear CEO, Robert Patton, as he sits down with talented, impassioned and determined individuals from all walks of life for a melding of the minds. This series' primary focus is to map out a systemic approach to peak human performance by exploring the fundamental attributes of motivation, creativity, optimization and well-being as crucial tools in the strife for success.

Robert sits down with the legendary IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Austin Burge. The two discuss how Austin got started in weightlifting, diet, routine and the principles of success, among many other interesting topics.

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-Show Notes-

0:29- Austin Burge is a Classic Physique bodybuilder (becoming IFBB Pro 3 weeks after this podcast) who first worked with SHEATH during a Kens5 news segment over two years ago.

1:29- Steven Wylie introduced Patton to Burge and is an aspiring bodybuilder. Using drop sets is the preferred method to keep the intensity high. Wylie recently worked out with Burge’s friend, Bartise who reported that ‘they both kicked each other’s asses in the gym’. Having a training partner that pushes you past your limits is priceless to grow and get out of your comfort zone. 

2:50- In high school, the original appeal of weight lifting was to get girls, by senior year it had become a primary passion over basketball. 

4:48- It became aware to Burge that he wanted to take it as far as he could and work day by day to become a pro. With the right information learned from the mistakes of his past show after placing third, Burge and his Coach, JoJo are confident of a top two finish for the NPC Nationals show in Charleston, South Carolina. 

7:06- Burge is in no rush to make it to the Olympia anytime soon, he wants to focus on resting and recovering to come back even better for future shows. 

9:00- The concept of muscle maturity is discussed in detail and the foundation of eating more to maintain mass and strength. 

11:54- The body has to adapt to many changes including caloric intake and rest after the completion of a show. 

14:00- Cardio is something that Burge does on the off season for a variety of health reasons. Yoga is something that he wants to eventually add into his routine after his show is done. Stretching is something that he wants to improve upon to advance recovery and improve posing. 

17:30- Burge encourages rest days with good food and video games if you’re feeling exhausted and need to relax. Some of Burge’s favorite games are Call of Duty, NBA2K, Rocket League and Fall Guys. 

20:00- During prep training season, Burge will sleep for a full eight hours but sometimes will get less to wake up earlier and eat more food. 

25:17- Having a competitive spirit is what has pushed Burge further in the sport of bodybuilding.

29:34- During the off season, Burge will eat more food and only do cardio twice a week for twenty minutes, for prep it switches to a calorie deficit and cardio daily for thirty minutes. 

32:18- “You gotta go through the grind.” (Burge) 

34:25- Knowing that you and the people in your life are healthy is one of the truest measures of success. 

37:42- Patton resonates with the power of magic, especially after reading Think & Grow Rich at age 23. 

40:15- People have tried to throw their negativity at Burge with saying things like, “You’re too big..”. But he reminds them that he is doing  it to please himself, not others. 

42:30- Burge completed the Fire Academy back in the Spring and needs to take one more exam to become a registered EMT. 

45:55- Being a firefighter seemed like the right fit because Burge wasn’t interested in the office life or being a server. 

48:00- “Putting my happiness first .. whatever that may be.” (Burge) 

51:36- Burge recommends long dumbbell lunges, barbell squats and hip thrusts to grow your Glutes. 

55:55- Patton wasn’t gifted with great genetics but has heart and determination. 

57:28- “Get off my team if you’re not trying to win.” (Burge)

59:20- Surrounding yourself with intelligent people with help you develop faster and expose yourself to new ways of thinking to help you improve overall. 

1:01:15- Burge wants to get into boxing after his show to challenge himself to new things. 

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