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RPG Podcast #022 | The Power of the Breath w/ Cyndy Clemens

Welcome to the Robert Patton Global Podcast. Join SHEATH Underwear CEO, Robert Patton, as he sits down with talented, impassioned and determined individuals from all walks of life for a melding of the minds. This series' primary focus is to map out a systemic approach to peak human performance by exploring the fundamental attributes of motivation, creativity, optimization and well-being as crucial tools in the strife for success.

On this episode Robert sits down with breathwork specialist Cyndy Clemens to discuss how she discovered breathwork and the many benefits it brings. The two get into deep conversation on healing and becoming a better version of yourself. 

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-Show Notes-

1:28- Clemens describes breath work to people as their superpower which still gets strange reactions. 

2:02- Patton felt very relaxed after he was able to fall asleep during one of his sessions with Clemens. He enjoys following meditations on an app, but in person delivers deeper results. 

5:06- “Whenever you’re chasing something, it is going to elude you.” (Clemens)

6:40- There is somewhat of a DMT activation for about 10-30 seconds with focused breath work. 

8:40- Clemens goes over the experiences that the early practitioners had, originally thinking they were only feeling the effects because they had taken LSD. 

10:45- “When you are breathing with a lot of people you feel the interconnectedness.” (Clemens) 

12:20- Patton feels like he is a guinea pig because of his openness to experiment on himself. Using Wim Hom Method has helped him from relying so much on taking naps to regain energy. 

15:50- Clemens has a podcast and YouTube channel that she full creative control over and uses it to help people discover the power of their breath to reduce stress. 

18:04- Using breath work reduces cortisol levels and activates the Theta brain waves. 

20:46- “Your breathing pattern is how you respond to life.” (Clemens) 

25:02- There are numerous ways to breath properly, Clemens enjoys the circular approach, where there isn’t a break between breaths and the diaphragm is used. 

28:45- Breathing through the nose stimulates the third eye chakra. 

32:33- Many people unconsciously gasp then hold the breath when faced with stress and continue the bad habit. 

36:13- Clemens and Patton both agree that when you are in control of your breath, others can’t throw you off. Clemens describes it as breathing in the spirit. 

38:14- Patton always does a breath work session in the morning before he begins his workflow. 

38:50- Clemens had to deal with sexual abuse from her father when she was young which made her very defensive towards men. After breath work was introduced to her, she felt that she was becoming more anchored to her soul and able to heal. 

43:37- “Your lungs were designed to be the heavy lifters of releasing toxins.” (Clemens) 

46:00- Clemens’s son contracted COVID-19 but luckily it didn’t penetrate into his lungs. 

48:58- Clemens has been a breath work practitioner for over seventeen years. 

52:03- Patton describes his experience taking Adderrall where he would find himself accidentally holding his breath. He later found out how bad this was for his body and stopped taking it. 

55:55- The Matrix is brought up when discussing letting go of resisting things. “What you resist, persists.”

1:00:06- Patton describes his first basketball game where his dad was watching, which totally got him in his head and led him to having a very bad game. 

1:03:14- Clemens feels like she is just now getting started on her journey. 

1:05:15- Most people don’t appreciate a long, deep breath until they are unable to take one. One way Clemens built her appreciation was by fasting for four days and not shower for one week. Even the most simple things felt orgasmic after the fast was done and she took a shower. 

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