RPG Podcast #015 | Exploring the Podcast Industry w/ Mike Harrington

RPG Podcast #015 | Exploring the Podcast Industry w/ Mike Harrington

Welcome to the Robert Patton Global Podcast. Join SHEATH Underwear CEO, Robert Patton, as he sits down with talented, impassioned and determined individuals from all walks of life for a melding of the minds. This series' primary focus is to map out a systemic approach to peak human performance by exploring the fundamental attributes of motivation, creativity, optimization and well-being as crucial tools in the strife for success.

On this episode Robert sits down with producer of the Believe You Me Podcast with Michael Bisping, Mike Harrington to discuss how he got started in the podcast industry, and much more.

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-Show Notes-

0:50- Special guest Mike Harrington is one of the producers of Believe You Me Podcast and works with the Gas Digital Network.

1:36- Luis J Gomez & Michael Bisping share the craziest MMA stories of the week in the podcast.

4:50- Harrington has met many comedians and is apart of the comedy world and believes the law of attraction helped him meet Joe DeRosa and then began helping produce his podcast.

8:08- There was a time when Michael Bisping but going to appear on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast but got bumped because GSP wanted to do an interview during the same week.

9:53- Patton grew up watching The Ultimate Fighter and Michael Bisping’s rise to the UFC Hall of Fame.

13:24- Patton’s guilty pleasure is watching 90 Day Fiancé with this wife, Stacey, Harrington’s is Property Brothers.

15:32- Using a vision board and positive self talk has helped Patton grow his business.

17:30- ‘The five people you hang out with the most is who you end up being more like.’

19:03- Patton discovers that SDR Podcast host Ralph Sutton had messaged him 2 years ago. They now have a solid working relationship.

20:25- After multiple revenue streams dried up while living in the East Village, Mike finds himself at the end of his lease with not enough money to stay in the area. He left the majority of his belongings at his brothers house and on April 1st, woke up homeless on his friend Caleb Rupert’s couch and read a text that a friend he grew up with had over dosed.

22:22- After working with Luis J. Gomez, Harrington began to get more side work that would supplement his income. He then started working with Joe DeRosa on the Without A Country Podcast. He was still homeless for over six months but continued to do his side work and character building.

25:15- Harrington got charged with a felony for having brass knuckles at the airport.

27:28- Diego Lopez taught Harrington a lesson in the MMA gym when he explained that because he didn’t have training, he would be more wild and might have to be put in check. The conditioning training makes Harrington want to puke after he has blown his gas tank.

30:00- Patton wants to start having local athletes, Victory MMA train at his home in Woodland Park, Colorado.

33:08- Harrington and Patton agree that there is nothing better than having your goal written on the calendar and then having determination to get after it.

38:00- Patton and Harrington are both huge fans of upcoming UFC Star, Bryce Mitchell from Arkansas.

46:00- The popular vote in politics is discussed and the impressions they have of the system at large.

47:41- Patton tells a heart felt story of leaving San Antonio in 2015 to return to Colorado Springs to take care of his sick ex wife and be there for his daughter.

51:09- The impact of the COVID 19 virus effected Harrington and Patton in different ways.

54:40- Civil service pay and universal basic income are two ideas that Patton and Harrington support.

58:12- Patton explains how much the United States Army helped him from going nowhere fast, to becoming self sufficient.

1:01:23- Patton believes that most young people nowadays have not been through enough challenges and that it has made them soft in ways.

1:02:45- The story of Hercules is mentioned as something that could inspire young people to get more tough and step up to adversity. Harrington has stayed tough by doing Tough Mudder and also live fights at SkankFest.

1:06:35- Harrington tells the story of him being at Comedy Fight World in Philadelphia and doing DMT with Matt and Shane from Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast.

1:13:32- Patton drops some wisdom on Harrington who in only 32 and says ‘whenever I was drinking too much I was less pleasant.’  Harrington admits that he quit drinking at age 19 after having a terrible experience with it. He now drinks two gallons of water a day.

1:16:23- Harrington states that New York entertainment scene used more psychedelics during the quarantine.

1:18:55- Harrington doesn’t have a desire to be a performer but will continue to do produce comedy, he is currently helping produce for Without A Country Podcast.

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