RPG Podcast #007 | Winning in the UFC w/ Kyle "The Monster" Nelson

RPG Podcast #007 | Winning in the UFC w/ Kyle "The Monster" Nelson

Welcome to the Robert Patton Global Podcast. Join SHEATH Underwear CEO, Robert Patton, as he sits down with talented, impassioned and determined individuals from all walks of life for a melding of the minds. This series' primary focus is to map out a systemic approach to peak human performance by exploring the fundamental attributes of motivation, creativity, optimization and well-being as crucial tools in the strife for success.

Robert has a new conversation with UFC Fighter Kyle "The Monster" Nelson. They discuss what Kyle's recent win, how life in the UFC is, and much more.

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-Show Notes-

1:17- Kyle “The Monster” Nelson explains how there are people in the UFC that can entertain and be successful outside of the cage, but that is not often the case. The use of characters makes watching the fights entertaining, Patton believes.

3:11- Nelson first began his UFC pro debut in December 2018 by fighting at 155 pounds against Diego Ferreira. After having a 12-1 record at 145 pounds prior to the UFC, losing to Ferreira was difficult to deal with but pushed him to continue training to be his best.

7:23- Adrenaline dump is a serious issue for many athletes, Nelson experienced it strongly in the fight against Ferreira.

10:36- Nelson’s home gym is House of Champions in Stoney Creek, three hours from his home in Huntsville. He will usually stay three or four days and sleeps on a futon in the extra training room.

12:20- Nelson’s son, Corbin has already experienced the MMA lifestyle by watching and participating in training sessions. Even though he is a Kindergartner, he has learned to not be a bully and take the fighting outside of the gym.

19:34- Patton used to laugh at people when they would get worked up and excited about their sport of choice, now Patton laughs at himself because MMA is what does that for him.

22:07- Nelson has broken his wrist once while doing wrestling training. His introduction to MMA training was in Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu

23:47- Nelson defeated his most recent opponent, Marco Polo Reyes with a knockout in the first round that resulted from a barrage of elbows and hard punches to the head.

32:47- Nelson has to use an app that allows the UFC to determine where he is and if needed, he will be randomly tested for steroids through a blood or urine test. Patton talks about how he uses Testosterone replacement therapy to stay in top condition as he ages.

39:39- Nelson isn’t interested in putting on a character for the audience, he enjoys being his real self and showcasing his authentic personality.

43:19- Patton & Nelson agree that when winning the title shot, it is better to have a knockout than a close decision from the judges.    

44:36- The UFC has a Twitch gaming account that Nelson is considering playing for down time. He put his personal training services on hold while preparing for fights and is still active in being a distributor in Canada for Sheath Underwear.

48:48- Patton believes that twenty eight year old Nelson has at least a few more years until he reaches his prime, with thirty three being an age he felt best at.

50:41- Nelson explains that in the Octagon, there is not thinking, time has slowed down. You have to be ready to react offensively or defensively. He works in the Sports Lab playing computer games that help to improve reaction time.

56:06- The question that is often asked, “Would you still fight if you had lots of money?” Nelson’s answer is clear, he would absolutely keep fighting because it is his passion.

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