Why Your Balls Are So Hot, And Why That’s A Problem

Why Your Balls Are So Hot, And Why That’s A Problem

Cooling Off Sweaty Balls

An overheated scrotum is the place where sperm cells go to die. The reason is rooted in biology. Mammals, including humans, have evolved to have exposed scrota that hang outside the body. This is because the scrotum must be two degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the rest of the body’s temperature to produce optimal amounts of sperm. The scrotum also contains muscles that loosen or retract to maintain this temperature.

Temperature regulation of the scrotum was not a problem when humans walked around naked. Now, with cultural norms—and laws—requiring clothing, certain underwear types have become a major culprit in the reduction of sperm count.

Underwear that forces the scrotum to rest up against the thigh can raise the scrotum’s internal temperature above the optimal range, resulting in a hostile environment in which sperm cannot thrive. In 2018, a study conducted by the journal, Human Reproduction, found an association between the type of underwear worn and the corresponding sperm count of the wearer. 

Sperm Cells

Men who attended a fertility center filled out a questionnaire asking what types of underwear they wore. The study found that men who wore tight fitting underwear had lower sperm counts than the men who wore looser underwear designs, such as boxer shorts. In fact, the participants who wore looser fitting underwear had 25 percent higher sperm concentration, and 17 percent higher total sperm count than those who wore tighter designs. 

The clear takeaway from these findings for you sperm-conscious men is that the type of underwear you wear plays a major role in the quality of your sperm count. Both traditional briefs and boxer briefs tend to hold the scrotum too closely to the groin and inner thigh, and boxer shorts, while they provide a looser and more breathable fit, have a tendency of becoming bunched up around the crotch during strenuous activity, producing a similar situation to that of tighter underwear styles. This is where SHEATH comes in.

SHEATH Pouch Diagram

SHEATH is available several designs, all equipped with isolative pouch technology that separates the scrotum from the thighs, allowing for unrivaled comfort, support and, most importantly, temperature regulation. As an added bonus, SHEATH's design also eradicates chafing, sticking, moisture build-up and irritation.

In addition to underwear design, the material that your underwear made out of is vitally important as well. That's why all SHEATH products are crafted using only the finest fabric blends, all of which are breathable, supportive and promote ideal temperature regulation for a man's most sensitive region. 

When striving to improve and maintain a healthy sperm count, a good diet and exercise are absolutely key, but your underwear may very well be your biggest enemy of all. Not to fear, SHEATH is here. 

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