RiFF RAFF in Dale Dan Tony SHEATH V

Why Rapper RiFF RAFF Wears SHEATH and You Should Too

RiFF RAFF in Dale Dan Tony SHEATH V

The weather in West Palm Beach was hot and muggy that day. The humidity made Robert Patton’s clothing stick to his skin. "No wonder the only living things in Florida are alligators, mosquitos and weirdos," Patton thought as he stepped off the plane.

For Robert, it was a far cry from the dry heat of Colorado, but he was looking forward to a meeting with RiFF RAFF, an established rapper who has been in the game for 20 years. Some of the artist's music videos have over 22 million views on YouTube. He is even known to have been romantically involved with pop star, Katy Perry. Over the course of his career, RiFF has cultivated a dedicated and hardcore underground following. 

RiFF RAFF in Dale Dan Tony SHEATH V

Earlier that year, Robert and his team met with RiFF to discuss men’s underwear designs. RiFF liked the fact that SHEATH made men’s underwear with a pouch to protect his very important and precious package. As an artist, RiFF is very color conscious and detail-oriented, so teaming up with SHEATH was a natural match.

The new pair was to be christened the “Dale Dan Tony” after one of RiFF's many alter egos, among the likes of “Neon Icon”, “Vanilla Gorilla”,  “Peach Panther" and "Cranberry Vampire." The Iconic visual design of the new SHEATH pair was inspired by a combination of images from the mind of Dale Dan Tony, pulling from Nascar, husky pups and racing flames, and complete with a striking colorway inspired by RiFF's favorite pair of Nike Air Jordans.

SHEATH and RiFF RAFF had been working together for some time by that point. The previous year's limited release of RiFF's Purple Camo Plant-Based Baller pair was a hit. SHEATH also sponsored RiFF RAFF's 2021 bus tour.



On that fateful day in Florida, the meeting between RiFF's team and SHEATH execs, Robert, Matt and Steven was very productive. They met for two hours, finalizing the design as well as filming the commercial and the music video for Burberry Blender, released on January 21, 2022.

After spending some time in production, we are proud to present the latest result of the SHEATH and RiFF RAFF collaborative relationship - The Dale Dan Tony SHEATH V, a limited-edition release featuring the signature Dale Dan Tony 77 flame print logo. It includes SHEATH’s dual pouch technology and a custom designed RiFF RAFF waistband. The product debut also features a matching Dale Dan Tony Women's Boyshorts.



Once you put on a pair of SHEATH Underwear, you’ll realize why rappers, MMA fighters, and men of all age and size swear by them. SHEATH creates a product designed for maximum comfort and functionality, but you don’t have to be swarmed by legions of adoring groupies to see why SHEATH has become the go-to brand of men’s underwear.

Don’t just take our word for it, order a pair online and see for yourself. SHEATH has a 100% money back guarantee on the first pair you buy. You will not be disappointed.

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