Answering an email about SHEATH Underwear

Answering an email about SHEATH Underwear

I would suggest the 3.0's to start off with they are the best for all your needs at this time, the only thing is they don't have a fly. The 3.2 have a fly if that is something you are adamant about. These underwear are more for men with may slightly bigger balls or balls that hang a big lower than a teenager etc. The wang really doesn't make a difference with these versions, however we are actually introducing two new versions (3.21 and 4.0 in March 2017) that will separate the wang from the balls also, but all SHEATH separate the whole package from the inner thighs in something like a sleeve or SHEATH if you will, but it's pretty loose, and not meant to constrict.. The 3.0's and 3.2's have have 3.5 inch legs which is our longest let available, but in 2017, we have a 6 inch Bamboo version coming out Ltd style that is going to put us on the  map. This won't be until Summer 2017. These versions we have are great, but we always going to work to make improvements with fabrics and various styles for people. Like the Iphone, we will continue to innovate our product, however our latest versions coming in 2017 are going to be the design that the people are going to know us for. These new prototypes are so comfortable and functional that we may not have to change the pouch design again other than with various fabrics. We are super excited for the new year and hope you will keep in touch so we can let you know when the new versions arrive. Please sign up for our Email list if you haven't already. Thank you and have a great day. 

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  • Estevan Muniz

    I have bought several sets of underwear from you and I must say I’m dis. The brand new underwear came with a tear on the side. Please advise what I should do.

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