What's the best material for underwear?

What Is the Best Material for Underwear?

When it comes to underwear, there is a lot more to consider than simply how it looks. Just like a pair of jeans or a cute dress, underwear should not only have an aesthetic appeal. They should be comfortable and breathable as well. 

Not all underwear is created equal! Doing a bit of due diligence to learn the best material for underwear can be the difference between finding your new favorite pair of underwear and a sweaty, uncomfortable day.

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  • Why Material Matters
  • The Best Material for Underwear
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Why Material Matters

The comfort of your underwear makes a difference in your daily life. You're more confident and active in the right breathable underwear. The fabric of your underwear can impact your health. It can help people with sensitive skin and prevent yeast infections. 

To feel both healthy and comfortable, you want to make sure you select the best fabric for underwear.

The Best Material for Underwear

As you shop for new underwear, it is easy to focus on the style, color, and appearance. You may not realize that you should also read the product description to find out what type of underwear and fabric it may have! With all the cool styles in a variety of materials out there, it’s worth pointing out that natural fibers will always be better than synthetic alternatives. Well-fitting, moisture-wicking underwear is best for both men and women. You're looking for underwear made from a material that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable. 

Being mindful of what your underwear is made of can save you from various vaginal health issues like infections and irritation. Even for men, getting too hot and irritated means an uncomfortable, smelly day and possibly an infection down the line. This is something our team here at SHEATH takes very seriously. Our underwear is made from our signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric. Modal is better than cotton underwear in many areas, like softness and durability. 

Cotton-lined underwear is quickly becoming popular within the industry because it is breathable and absorbent. It is exceptionally soft, fits well, doesn't wrinkle, and has a smooth finish. 

Nevertheless, modal is a semi-synthetic fabric that’s absorbent, air-permeable, cool to touch, and eco-friendly! This is because beech trees don’t require much water to grow. Therefore, the production process of this semi-synthetic material uses about 10 to even 20 times less water.

Order the Internet's Top Underwear


Simply put, a bad pair of underwear can ruin your day. When looking for the best material for underwear, you're looking for SHEATH! Our online women's and men's underwear catalog features different types of fabric compositions, including Modal, Bamboo, Polyester, and Polyamide

These fabrics have been strenuously tested to ensure long-lasting moisture prevention, softness, and comfort in even the most extreme circumstances. Whether you're working out, lounging around the house, having a big work presentation, or going on a date, be sure to wear underwear coming from SHEATH! 

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