Modal Fabric Used For SHEATH

What is Modal Underwear? Robert Patton Went on a Spiritual Quest to Find Out

Modal Fabric used for SHEATH

“Will I ever find him?” Robert Patton thought as he trudged along the winding, muddy trail through the remote forests of China's countryside. Patton was exhausted, sweaty and filthy from the miles of walking he had endured. He was searching for an individual by the name of Wang Lo, a legendary underwear guru. Hopefully, His Holiness could answer Robert’s burning question: How can I bestow humanity with the world's most comfortable underwear in an ethical, sustainable way?

Though the journey was perilous, Patton continued. “When the student is ready, the guru will appear,” he continued to remind himself. Suddenly, a dense cloud materialized on the forest path in front of him. “Woah,” Robert thought, “Am I hallucinating from exhaustion?”

Misty Mountain Path

“Hallucination, this is not,” a voice from within the cloud boomed. It sounded like Yoda, if Yoda spoke English with a Chinese accent. “Ask me a question, you may.” Robert then realized it was the guru he had been seeking all along. Relieved, Robert explained his unique predicament to His Holiness.

Wang Lo must have responded telepathically, because what needed to be done immediately came to Robert with unmistakable clarity. The underwear had to be made of modal, an environmentally sustainable fabric crafted from beech tree cellulose fiber. It is more environmentally sustainable than cotton-based underwear, as beech trees require 10 to 20 times less water than what is required for a similar yield cotton patch. Modal is also biodegradable, and its production process has little environmental impact.

Beech Trees

The benefits don’t stop there - Modal’s long fibers and tight weave ensure durability. It has micropores in the fabric that are 50 percent more absorbent than cotton. Unlike other types of fabric, modal also resists pilling, which happens when fabric produces lint.

With the answer in mind, Robert knew what he needed to do. He boarded a plane and flew back to the states to make his vision a reality, and the rest is history.

The latest evolution of the SHEATH modal series is the SHEATH V Men’s Single Pouch Boxer Brief with Horizontal Fly, released January 2022. A lengthened version of SHEATH's original boxer brief design, the SHEATH V Single Pouch Horizontal Fly offers an unrivaled level of endurance-enhancing comfort and support.

SHEATH V Single Pouch Boxer Brief

This unwavering commitment to quality, durability and comfort is why Sheath is the most sought-after brand of men’s underwear. Apparently, Michael Malice agrees. as he has teamed up alongside SHEATH to design a special edition Dynamite pair, coming soon.

The next installment to the editorial will feature the Ukrainian-American anarchist author, podcaster and expert on North Korea as we uncover exactly why SHEATH is his go to brand of underwear. Check back for more news and updates!


  • edwinflack

    i love the underware i purchased tthepouch is what i needed to keep the btwins together

  • John Wampler

    I all ready bought two pair of sheath V single pouch horizontal fly.
    They are great. The horizontal fly is much better than all the others.
    I also like the waist to match the color of the underwear. It adds a little luxury to the appearance of the product. I am a devoted Sheath customer and will buy nothing else. The look good, feel good and adds a little visual lift to your package. If women can pad their bras why cant men add some lift to the pouch and be proud.

  • Helen

    Wow!!!! I loved hearing the story of how you journeyed through China and discovered our Modal fabric!! It’s the best!!!

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