What Are SHEATH Boyshorts?

What Are SHEATH Boyshorts and Why Are They So Popular?


Women have many choices in underwear styles. Whether you're in the mood to be super sexy, incredibly comfortable, or fierce and sporty, there's a perfect underwear style to make this possible. What if we told you that you could feel all three of these things, in one pair of underwear instead of three? We are talking about boyshorts!

What are Boyshorts?

Boyshorts are probably pretty close to what you're already imagining. They're shaped like a tiny pair of shorts, not like a thong or a bikini bottom. Boyshorts cover the hips and are named for their similarity to men's boxer briefs. You can call them the female version of male boxer shorts. Unlike men's briefs, this style is tight and usually lower cut. Boy shorts often cover most of the buttocks. As long as they're made with high-quality, breathable material, they are quite comfortable.

Why are Sheath Underwear Boyshorts so Popular?

As you shop the Sheath underwear website for women's underwear, you'll see we have an entire section dedicated to boyshorts. They're ideal for wearing under a body-hugging dress, flowy skirt, leggings, tight jeans, short shorts, saggy joggers, and just about anything else. 

If you want fuller rear coverage and no visible panty lines, boyshorts are a fantastic option. It's also worth noting that their design adds a perfect slimming effect to the front as well as to the back of your body. They’re perfect to sleep in, highly breathable to lounge around, and also amazingly great to look at. That's right- unlike some other options that may feel good but don't come across very sexy, you'll look cute wearing these!

Don't forget that part about "high-quality, breathable material" we mentioned earlier. All Sheath underwear, including these boyshorts, are made from a blend of 92% modal and 8% elastane. These fabric options have been strenuously tested to ensure long-lasting comfort and moisture prevention in even the most extreme circumstances.  

Possessing an aesthetically similar appearance to the men’s SHEATH 4.0 Boxer Brief, our boyshorts sit flawlessly at the intersection of style, comfort and functionality. Our signature modal and elastane fabric blend for a form-fitting breathability that will not affect your vagina’s natural pH environment or the microclimate of the skin while producing that long-lasting, unimpeded comfort that has become synonymous with our apparel. You will feel as if your private parts are secure and in a state of bliss. You have a choice in several different color and pattern options, all of which have been crafted using our highest-quality materials with your comfort as our priority. 

Whether you're fighting in a UFC match or dressing up for a special date night, boyshorts are the right choice. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start shopping for your next pair of Sheath Underwear!

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