Photo of SHEATH Neck Gaiter

3 Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter

Photo of SHEATH Neck Gaiter

We've seen a dramatic rise this year in needing to wear a face covering. From grocery shopping to working with the public, you can no longer go around with your mouth and nose breathing on other people. One reason it is so popular to buy a neck gaiter online is because there's many additional uses for it beyond wearing it to cover your face due to the COVID pandemic. They're great for keeping the sun and wind off you while fishing, just as a quick example. 

Just as the name suggests, neck gaiters are worn around your neck and pulled up over your face. However, this is only the beginning! Did you know that there are many ways to wear a neck gaiter? Sheth’s neck gaiter makes it easy and stylish to combat the elements. The sleek and form-fitting design coupled with our exquisite bamboo blend is sure to keep your neck and face comfortable in any environment. The fabric composition is 68% bamboo, 27% cotton, and 5% Spandex. That's ideal to keep you cool, as both bamboo and cotton are extremely breathable. The spandex makes it stretchy and easy to wear in different ways.

The neck gaiter features a closed tube design that allows for many different styles and functions. Just a few ways to wear a neck gaiter as multi-functional headwear include:

#1 Neckerchief- This is number one, because it's the most common way to wear the neck gaiter. People have been wearing neck gaiters over their neck to keep the sun off for years, long before the Coronavirus Pandemic. This simply requires pulling it over your head and leaving it loose around your neck. This will offer UV protection for your neck, as well as keeping you comfortable in hot weather.

#2 Face mask- It seems like you need a face mask to go anywhere and everywhere this year. Once the neck gaiter is around your neck, you can pull the front portion up over your mouth and nose. The soft, stretchy fabric will then rest around over your nose and mouth.

#3 Hood- This is one of our favorites styles for being outside for a long period of time, especially when paired with a hat. A hood is one of the easiest styles to make with your neck gaiter. To do so, first pull the entire garment over your head and down around your neck. Next, pull the top of the back of the tube up and over your head towards your forehead. To finish the style, take the top edge of the tube underneath your chin and either leave it where it is, or pull it out slightly towards your mouth to create a little extra protection for your face. You're all covered up from the sun!

These are just a few of our favorite ways to wear a gaiter. You can also wear it as a headband or a beanie. You can probably come up with even more!

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