Your Underwear Says a Lot about You.

Your Underwear Says a Lot about You.

One can gain great insight as to your life based on what type of underwear you wear. If you are still wearing Hanes or Fruit of the Loom with holes in 2016, you very may well have lost your way, but trust that all is not lost. There is still time for redemption. 

Putting on Fresh New Underwear can be almost as good as putting on a new pair of sneakers and both can put you in the right frame of mind. What is important is that the underwear fits your body perfectly showing off your fitness and endowment. We all want love and attention. By wearing fresh new SHEATH underwear, you will be seen as far more desirable than if you were wearing a typical man's 7 year old boxers with 2 random holes and a thread wearing away at the elastic band like a Weezer Sweater. And speaking of SHEATH Underwear, the best mens underwear TBH; with the new SHEATH 3.2 Underwear blend of Modal - a Dynamic Flex Fabric, it is like magic, you go from being a hideous beast to being transformed into a charming prince, metaphorically speaking. It's all about how you feel right? You will feel better! No more Grimy Gum balls sticking to your leg. And that is just simply the way it is. If you see a dude in a pair brand new fresh white underwear chilling at the beach with a Corona and compare him with a crusty old geezer in dirty underwear digging out of a dumpster, there is no simply comparison as to who is going to have the better chance at succeeding in life. The fresh new underwear guy has his shit together, the dumpster diver does not; metaphorically speaking. It may just be an appearance but even still, the old "fake it till you make it" argument is valid. If you are wearing old underwear, you are setting your self up for failure. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. 

Now you can roll up to the local Ross, Marshall's, or TJ Max to pick up some name brand discount underwear, however we all know why they are discounted (probably bugs) and they will probably be too big and result in more problems than the discounted price is worth. The local Ross still carries Joe Boxers. Don't Do it!. If you are still wearing Joe Boxers from the late 90's, "lose my number". (TFATK 2016) Jk. But Seriously... Restock your wardrobe and try some SHEATH if you haven't already.  Discount Code "Trial" saves 10% off your first purchase. 

If you aren't taking care of yourself and furthermore, your most prized body part, "your three piece set" (TFATK 2016) if you will,  you are not forward thinking enough and may have gotten stuck in a tailspinning chase since you graduated Highschool. This is understandable, it happens to the best of us. Ahh the glory years. And since then, you have been busy making your way in this rat race and some people don't like change. In fact most people don't like change. Many a book has been written about it, and the status quo might be okay with you, however we at SHEATH are on the path of enlightenment, which at times calls for acceptance, and at others calls for advancement. Both have their place. SHEATH Underwear is advanced thinking underwear. Advanced underwear so that you can always accept the situation for what it is, whether it is storming or a cool calm day. 

When you are wearing SHEATH, you will be able to slip into a Zen like state because you do not have a hot red, stinging mess down stairs causing constant irritation which prevents Zen in most cases. SHEATH Underwear segregates the balls and shaft in a cozy pouch isolating the package from the inner thighs and taint creating a cool breezy environment for the groin by preventing rubbing, sticking, and sweaty swamp balls. When you don't have swamp balls, you are far more likely to maintain focus as you work to achieve your goals, Metaphorically speaking. 



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