The Man Behind the Underwear

The Man Behind the Underwear

The Man Behind the Underwear

The year is 2006. A fresh recruit in the United States Army, Robert Patton is already setting himself apart from the rest. Adept in the ways of physical activity, Patton not only met but exceeded every challenge presented to him, going on to earn the highest physical fitness test results of his entire battalion.

In Highschool, Patton dedicated himself to Basketball, a dedication which he pursued with an unbridled passion. In his strive for excellence, Patton pushed his ability to the limit and beyond, though little did he know, the zeal of his pursuit would lead to multiple overtraining-related injuries and an early retirement from what could have been a promising career; a considerable set back, or so one would think. Not for Patton, however, as where one may expect a feeling of misfortune, he found a lesson that would help him in his endeavors to come: Greatness comes not only from a honed focus and dedication, but from reservation and the ability to recognize and work with one’s limits.

Reverence in the military came fairly easily to Patton. After completing his first tour of the Iraqi war as a mortuary affairs specialist from June 2006 to January 2007, he continued to swiftly rise through the ranks and soon attained the rank of Sergeant. His blatant ability and knack for leadership did not go unnoticed, as when time came for his second tour of Iraq in November of 2007, Patton was placed in charge of a 5-man team, all of whom were brought back safely.

That particular tour would prove to be a veritable turning point in Patton’s life, not only because it would be his last deployment in active service, but because it was on this tour that he would conceive the very thing that he now dedicates his professional time, energy and life to, and what is slowly but surely becoming the legacy for which he will be recognized and remembered. That thing is SHEATH Underwear.

Being a man of efficiency, Patton saw much-needed improvements to be made in the way of clothing for those who are required to carry out tasking duties in unfavorable environmental conditions. The sweltering heat and ceaseless demand of the day-to-day duties while stationed overseas eventually led Patton to the conception of a functional undergarment that would not only relieve, but prevent irritation and discomfort brought on through high amounts of heat, moisture and friction in the genital region. Little did he know, this idea of his has now made him the proud owner of his own functional athleisure apparel brand that is becoming an international sensation.

SHEATH in the beginning

Patton’s motivation and his pursuit of excellence comes as no surprise, as some of his biggest influences are among the most dedication-oriented figures in literature and pop-culture. The literary teachings of Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles as well as the lectures, discussions and interviews of Andy Frisella, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuck, Joe Rogan and more have all played a role in Patton’s outlook and his belief of utilizing your talents to take your destiny into your own hands and sculpt it how you see fit.

Although Patton still commits the majority of his time and energy to the progression of SHEATH, the success that the business has already experienced gives him the opportunity to share his blessings with the community. He spends his spare time attending, contributing and using the SHEATH entity to sponsor various youth events and organizations such as the Southern Colorado Junior Bass Club and Early Connections Learning Centers, and has also used the business’ assets to make donations of underwear to charity services, such as Socks for Soldiers, and various homeless shelters in the US. Last, but certainly not least, he uses the SHEATH brand and its reputation to endorse talented up-and-coming athletes and martial artists so that they can have the chance to tap into their highest potential with the SHEATH markings backing their every move.

Having nowhere to go but up, the story of Mr. Patton and SHEATH Underwear continues. There is always something new in-store and, thanks to the competency of our team, our frequent comfort innovations, new apparel designs and having recently launched the first SHEATH for Women, we are looking forward to the bright future ahead as well as the new and exciting ways in which we can give back to our supporters and pay our dues to the community that we have come to love and hold dearly.

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