The Good Sides And The Bad Sides Of Various Types of Men’s Underwear

The Good Sides And The Bad Sides Of Various Types of Men’s Underwear

Looking like a badass or Super Hero and feeling cool and comfortable is what every man wants in a pair of underwear. Sporting a look that fetches the best compliments may not bring the best comfort experience to a man who does not feel properly situated down stairs. Men- you have to admit that your underwear has to be your man parts best buddy and if it is not, you have to consider other options!

In this article, we will discuss four types of men’s underwear while highlighting their pros and cons so that you know exactly what your “package” is getting into.

Boxers are made out of non stretch but cool patterned fabrics and their simplistic designs promote comfort through the ability of the balls to hand naturally, albeit on either the left or right side of the inseam. If you gain weight accompanied by a new “body shape”, boxers will help you hide it. However, it is their simplistic design that can make your sensitive parts get choked if you happen to sit at the wrong angle accidentally. They may also rise up your leg when you sit and if you are wearing shorts, your intimate parts may even get exposed to the world. 

Briefs can complement your physique if it is sculpted like a model. Briefs are made out of more elastic fabrics and they will offer your parts a lot of support, at the expense of keeping them at a higher temperature and at a fixed, secured position smashing the package into the groin ALL DAY LONG! Many briefs also do not have a urination fly, which makes them a riskier option if you are drunk and want to urinate. If you are not careful enough while urinating, your briefs may snap back, leaving you urinating inside your underwear! Not classy.  Additionally, briefs can rise up around the back, making your "panty-line" look prominent especially if you are not wearing good-quality slacks. i.e. you may as well wear your wife's panties and save yourself some money if this is your desired fit (your junk smashed into the groin ALL DAY Long leaving a hot sweaty sticky situation in the old pantaloons).  If you want your cajones to be comfortable, you many need another option. 

Boxer briefs combine the best features of boxers and briefs, which is why they are highly preferred by today’s men who put a lot of emphasis on functionality as well as comfort. Boxer briefs can provide some support to your private parts, saving them from getting strangulated and allowing them to stay in place. Boxer briefs can be your best sports underwear, allowing you to confidently showcase your athletic self and your tough physique. But there is one, that right One and only 1 better option.

The final type of underwear which is the best mens underwear available is Mens SHEATH pouch underwear. They have the best of what mens boxer briefs have to offer but with an added feature that will literally keep you out of sticky situations preventing you have having a hot mess in your pants. SHEATH Mens pouch boxer briefs allow you to hang naturally while simultaneously isolating the male repro - organs from the inner thighs to reduce heat, friction, sweating, and sticking keeping your "PACKAGE" cool, comfortable, dry, and situated. What more can you ask for? They come in basic classic rugged designs based primarily on functionality over fancy stripes, fonts, and patterns. SHEATH Underwear is Mens underwear. Real Men not fancy Men. If you need to match your girl friends underwear, SHEATH is not for you, at least until we release a women's line muhuhahaha, which won't be for at least a couple more years. Lol.  No progress is synonymous with death. We will continue to grow but as it stands, SHEATH is the best mens option available.

Final Note:

Some fabrics are ideal for certain seasons. For example, while cotton is economic and can ensure some degree of comfort during hotter months, but modal is the ideal option for summer. During the colder months, you may go for underwear that is made of polyester to keep you warmer. It may not the best idea to go for polyester underwear during the summer as the fabric does not provide adequate level of cooling and may allow odor to stay as compared to other options like morino wool, bamboo or modal. We have you covered with our Modal options, which the bambo and Morino coming down the pipe in 2018. :) Cheers Homies.   



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