The Birth Of Sheath Underwear

The Birth Of Sheath Underwear

Discoveries are the outcomes of realities. And the birth of Sheath Underwear is no exception to this rule. The concept of Sheath Underwear is the brainchild of Army Sergeant Robert Patton, which evolved as his innovative response to his need for beating the Iraqi heat. Back in 2008, Sergeant Patton, of the 111th Quartermaster Company, was the assigned NCOIC of the Camp Speicher. He, along with his 4 team members, were put in charge of this operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a period of 6 months.

While most people will choose to define “Iraq” in various terms, it was heat that made Iraq look more violent and ruthless. The camp had its cooling needs addressed by motor camps, which, broke down one day, leaving people in a situation of utter distress and discomfort. Machines after all… you cannot blame them! This was the situation that laid the foundation for the introduction of Sheath Underwear. Sergeant Patton was admired for his ability to excel in all PT tests and for his skills to adapt to harsh conditions through unique yet effective approaches. The desert heat, those multiple cups of hot coffee throughout the day, and the Full Combat uniform… a deadly combo indeed!

To make things worse, Sergeant Patton had to bear with his saggy, sweat-soaked cotton underwear that seemed to fail it its duty of supporting his sensitive parts. Tough situations teach toughness. All he could do at that time was to use a dry hand towel and place it on the crotch region with an attempt of separating his package from the surrounding area. This simplistic yet effective approach served as the basis for the launch of the concept of Sheath Underwear that have been allowing men to maintain active lifestyles even in the midst of tough and challenging weather conditions.

As Sergeant Patton started looking for designs that could keep the package separated from the inner thighs, he came across a few options. The designs did accommodate a pouch that could hold the parts together, but unfortunately, it produced a squashing effect on them. He had no other option than to experiment with the new concept himself! He had a tailor attach additional fabric in the form of a pouch to his existing boxer briefs. It looked primeval initially, but it was the beginning of a success story!

Sheath Underwear has evolved over these years, addressing unique needs of men and inspiring them to adopt a “no-compromise” attitude all along the way.

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