Enhance your Workout with Resistance Bands

Enhance your Workout with Resistance Bands

One of the most beneficial tools in the fitness world is the resistance band. Whether you are lifting heavy or engaging in plyometric training, utilizing resistance bands to warm up your joints and muscles helps to prevent injuries and severe muscle soreness. There are different colors to indicate the level of resistance: Red being the lightest, and blue the heaviest.

All well known body builders use the red band to gets the joints active to promote a healthy range of motion during strength training. The blue band can be effective for lower body strength training like squats if you do not have access to a gym, and for heavier people, providing the right amount of boost to complete a pull up.

- The fundamental benefits of resistance bands -

- You will always have increased range of motion by warming up the joints.

- It can help you alleviate areas of your muscle that are very tight and sore.

- You can take the bands on the go - no need for a gym. 

- You can replicate nearly every strength training exercise.

- Amazing tool for reducing weight to execute proper foundational movement patterns. 

- Neuromuscular efficiency - tapping into a deeper mind to muscle connection

We encourage you to try bands before you begin your next workout. There will be many realizations when you try them out, it might be that you’re lifting too heavy, or that your core strength needs to be improved. They are a great catalyst to promote a healthy and effective lifestyle no matter what level of fitness you are in.

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