SHEATH VS The Competition

SHEATH VS The Competition

We at Sheath Underwear take great pride in our carefully calculated design and quality crafted underwear, and we want to put our product to the test. In this chronicle, we are presenting viewers with side-by-side comparisons of our underwear against the most reputable and well known high-end underwear brands out there, allowing you to determine for yourself what qualities and characteristics are most important to you. We will be addressing the key similarities and differences between the products, as well as highlighting what Sheath offers in the way of comfort that you will not find anywhere else.

SAXX vs Sheath

First up is a brand that you have likely heard the name of by now. Known simply as SAXX, this underwear can be found at Nordstrom and shares a similar goal to that of Sheath Underwear: Keeping the male package isolated from the inner thighs for cool, long-lasting, chafe-free comfort. Their method for achieving isolation is a bit different than that of our product, as they utilize a separative mesh lining as opposed to a full-on isolative pouch. Check out this up close look at SAXX underwear and how we felt their brand stands up to unique comfort of Sheath.

Tommy John vs Sheath

Tommy John is an underwear brand that features some of the softest and highest quality fabric we have encountered yet. However, we did feel as though this particular model of boxer brief falls a little short some aspects. Check out the comparison for a closer look and find out what we’re talking about.

Mypakage vs Sheath

Mypakage features a similar design to that of Sheath Underwear, offering a full coverage isolation pouch for male genitalia. Rather than a conventional pouch, Mypakage utilizes a slit-shaped pocket to separate the genitals from the perineum and inner thigh region; however, there are a couple of interesting aspects that we would like to call to your attention. Take a look at this underwear comparison and decide for yourself!

Jockey Pouch vs Sheath

In this comparison, we go head-to-head with one of the biggest underwear brands in the game, Jockey Pouch. Their underwear is crafted from quality materials and features a subtle, classic and stylish design. We did, however, feel a little mislead by this particular boxer brief. Take a look in this video comparison to see what we mean.

Ethika vs Sheath

Here, we go over some of the similarities and differences between our product and a brand by the name of Ethika. Ethika features a stylish, long-leg design with some impressively detailed imprint options. The material of their underwear is soft, stretchy and seamless, providing a smooth and sleek appearance when worn. Despite their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we do have one big bone to pick with this underwear. Check out our video comparison and decide for yourself!

Thanks for watching our comparisons between Sheath and its leading competitors. As more products that share certain goals and similarities to Sheath are brought to our attention, we will be continue to add more comparisons to this list to keep you informed as to what’s available on the market and how Sheath stands up against its contenders. Most importantly, we want to know where you weigh in and what you think makes a quality pair of underwear. Tell us your opinion and check back here for new Sheath vs The Competition!


  • Ryan Rozwadowski

    Is there any kind of first time gaurentee?

  • Matt

    How do the Sheath compare to sepratech? I just bought two pair of Sheath briefs and LOVE them. Probably my only brand now. I just noticed you do not compare your underwear to theirs.

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