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SHEATH at StyleCon 2017

The Menfluential Conference began four years ago under the name “StyleCon.” The two-day event, originally started by Aaron Marino ( and Antonio Centeno (, was created for the purpose of bringing together Men’s Lifestyle Business owners/experts, success-driven individuals who are just starting out, and men who are simply passionate about style and looking to connect with like-minded individuals.

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We, Sheath Underwear, were fortunate enough to attend the 2017 gathering, which was the final installment under the moniker StyleCon. The conference was a fantastic experience, having the chance to meet and mingle with some of the most influential leaders in men’s fashion and entrepreneurial science, and having the opportunity to share with them our products, mission and what we hope to achieve in the coming years. It was an honor having a chance to hear these individual’s stories and experiences, as well as sharing with them some of our own. Most importantly, it was incredible being in an environment where we could make solid, personal and long-lasting connections with some of the finest individuals in the industry and showing them that Sheath means business. As a brand who is concerned with comfort, functionality and most importantly, style, we felt right at home.

 sheath best mens underwear


During the event, our media crew took the time to document some of the ongoings at the conference, as well as our own personal journey in the beautiful city of Atlanta, GA. In the streams below is some v-log footage from both days of the event, offering a taste of you can expect should you make it out to 2018’s Menfluential Conference.

Are you starting a Men’s Lifestyle Business?

Do you want to speak with guys years ahead of you who are happy to share their experiences so you can accelerate your business faster?

Do you just want to socialize and meet success-driven men like yourself?

Do you want to hang out with men who have built million-dollar businesses and have a desire for helping people?

Are you simply passionate about style, and want to connect with like-minded individuals?

Well then Menfluential 2018 is the place for you. We hope to see you there!


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