Prevent Crotch Rot or Sweaty Balls Syndrome

Prevent Crotch Rot or Sweaty Balls Syndrome

There are many ways to eliminate the sticking common in the male nether regions. The old way is to pore some baby powder in your underwear or Gold Bond medicated powder. This can be effective but does not have to be the only solution. The idea behind the powders are to keep the crotch baby powder fresh to that no skin sticks to skin thus eliminating the discomfort from over heating in the genital region. 

The other solution is having SHEATH underwear as a precautionary measure. The SHEATH pouch sewn into the crotch of the underwear dubbed, Crotch Pocket also prevents the male organs from becoming overheated in most circumstances and in those where sweat begins to appear, the isolation factor still prevents stick-age and keeps you far more comfy than you would be otherwise with bubblegum balls. The interesting combo is that you could use Gold Bond or baby powder in conjunction with the SHEATH underwear to provide the double duo positive fresh factor. The pouch in SHEATH can actually hold the powder in the correct spot and keep you fresh and clean like a baby after bath time. Food for thought. 

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