ITDB SHEATH Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview with SHEATH Founder Robert Patton | Into the Dark Blue

For the maiden voyage of new podcast series, Into the Dark Blue, host Zach Kyle sits down with SHEATH Founder, Robert Patton, for an exclusive interview and a melding of the minds. Their conversation is a many-faceted one as the two delve into a wide array of musings, such as the medicinal properties of plant medicines, self-realization, the intention behind Into the Dark Blue, the damage caused by masculine toxicity, the shift towards positive masculinity, what goes into building a brand, life in the military, combating PTSD, conceptualizing SHEATH and much more. Tune in.


There are many social expectations for men which are taught both intentionally and indirectly, by our culture. These expectations have created what is recently neologized as “toxic masculinity." We aim to shatter this mold by openly discussing the relevance, or irrelevance, of said expectations. Join us, as we launch ourselves into that emotional cosmos; and embark on a journey, into the Dark Blue. | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


  • Adam Stepp

    The ball sack is too hhigh.other wise very comfortable.. sixe is good fit. Love the side opening because ball pouch is so high the back of my large boys will not fit ptoperly i have worn other brands of douo underware where ball sack is lower and more comportable. Fix this and yours would be awsume underware.. thank you. Afam Stepp


  • Robert M Patton

    Very pleased with this conversation. thank you so much for your support.

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