Woman in hydro massage machine

Hydro Massage Chair: An Essential Recovery Aid

One of the best ways to recover after an intense workout or long work day is using the hydro massage table. They are found at most commercial gyms, notably Planet Fitness & Crunch Fitness. Receiving a massage this way is much more accessible and affordable than hiring a personal massage therapist. There is also the fact that some people don’t want others touching them and have a higher level of privacy preference.

The duration is ten to fifteen minutes which is less than the normal half hour to hour in person massage, but again, the ease of access and low cost is very attractive to most people. The pressurized jets underneath the table help massage the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Hot and cold therapy is utilized by having the ability to change the temperature of the water.

- The fundamental benefits of hydro massage -

- Reduces anxiety for improved overall mood

- Relieves pain and muscle aches

- Expedites the post-workout recovery process

- Improves circulation throughout the body

- Promotes mental clarity and lasting energy

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