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How Tight Should Men's Underwear be?

Most men have one thought in mind when shopping for underwear: comfort. Whether you're exercising, going on a date, working, or simply going about your normal routine, you want to be comfortable. If your underwear isn't comfortable, it will be impossible to focus on anything else. When it comes to sports, it could even affect your performance! 

One of the most common reasons a man's underwear could feel uncomfortable is because it's not actually the right size. If your underwear is too loose or too tight, you're going to have a tough time feeling totally comfortable, no matter what great material and design it has. This leads to the important question, how tight should men's underwear be?

How Tight Should Men's Underwear be?

The official answer given by health experts and medical professionals is "somewhere in the middle of tight and loose." Experts recommend that you make sure you have properly fitting underwear, meaning your underwear should not be so tight that it leaves deep marks in the skin. Underwear that is too tight can lead to pain and irritation all around the pelvis.

On the other hand, if it is too loose, it won't offer you the support you need. This support is why we designed our Dual Pouch that we're so proud of. This pouch underwear features a circular-seamed urination hole within the inner kangaroo pouch that leads to an outer vertical pouch, isolating not only the genitals from the inner thighs, but also penis from the testicles. This means there are separate compartments for maximum support and performance. Of course, it's only going to do that if your underwear fits correctly.

We offer men's underwear in seven sizes, from Small all the way up to XXXLarge. Our Small is for as low as a 28-inch waist, whereas our XXXLarge is for up to a 50-inch waist. Whatever your size is in between these two numbers, we have the right underwear for you. Beyond the size of the waist band, you also have a choice in the length of the shorts. Briefs, Boxer Briefs, and 8-inch Boxer Briefs will all offer a different amount of leg coverage that needs to fit just right in order to be comfortable.

Order Comfortable, Well-Fitting Underwear Online

There are many, many options when it comes to shopping for men's underwear online. It is easy to be overwhelmed. Instead of letting the sheer number of underwear options confuse you, know that the men's underwear you're looking for is at Sheath. Our pouch underwear was designed with you in mind! It was made specifically to keep you cool, comfortable, and healthy. The only thing left to do now is find your favorite color, style, and design, then order your new underwear!

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