Finding Your Fortress of Solitude | Into the Dark Blue

Finding Your Fortress of Solitude | Into the Dark Blue

Into the Dark Blue hosts Zach (@breaking_of_light) and Jash (@thecowboysupernova) sit down for an exploration of the sanctity of sanctuary. Even Superman needs a place to replenish. Maintaining social interaction is vital for our physical and mental health, at any age. But there are times it can be necessary to step away. How do we strike a balance? How do we find our own Fortress of Solitude? Zach and Jash bare it all to the Dark Blue.


There are many social expectations for men which are taught both intentionally and indirectly, by our culture. These expectations have created what is recently neologized as “toxic masculinity." We aim to shatter this mold by openly discussing the relevance, or irrelevance, of said expectations. Join us, as we launch ourselves into that emotional cosmos; and embark on a journey, into the Dark Blue. | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


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