Eliminate the Need to Adjust

Eliminate the Need to Adjust

Let's get straight down to it. If you are a man, you are going to have to adjust whether your are wearing tighty whiteys, boxers briefs, boxer shorts or going commando. The truth is the package is as flexible as a stretch armstrong and can grow like the hulk and back down to Bruce Banner in the span of a few minutes. This uncertainty and uncontrollable fluctuation can leave you in a bind - you and I know is more irritating than a feather in your nose with your hands tied behind your back.  Just a little scratch, your mind says, just a nudge or tug would unstick the problem, but if you are on a date or in a boardroom or even at the gym, this can be gross to others for some reason. Now some say let your freak flag fly and do what you have to do regardless of the opinion of others but the truth is - you want to impress that girl or get that promotion and do not want to have to go to the bathroom. Proper etiquette also demands you can't adjust in the gym and get right back on the work out equipment with your balls sweaty hands. So what to do in this scenario? You have to fix the situation, but you can also prevent this situation from occurring in the first place.

Many companies are making claims about eliminating the need to adjust, but most claims we have found are false. Just because your underwear are so tight and your junk is smashed up against you so hard it can't moveI(Tommy John), that doesn't count. We need comfortable underwear that includes a feature that keeps you off of yourself, allows you to hang in your natural position and eliminates the need to adjust based on the functionality of the underwear. The SHEATH acts like an inverted kangaroo pouch for your joey and your package goes in the pouch and it is free to fluctuate, and will move around naturally without sticking and unsticking and wedging between here and there. You will never sit on your balls in SHEATH and they will keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cool because of the natural design of the body incorporated into the design of the underwear. You should be able to hang free but with boxers, you hand a little bit too free. If you can hang free and not be allover the place, that would be the best case scenario, SHEATH keeps you nuzzled in the pouch like a loose form fitting glove which keeps you right in front and not in between the legs which is where most of the problems occur. SHEATH underwear is the answer to your adjustment issues. 


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  • Tommie Slade

    Can the Sheath serve like an athletic supporter aka jockstrap?

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