Choosing the Perfect Panty

The Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Perfect Panty

Picking the perfect panty

While men have a few basic underwear options, men's boxers or briefs, it seems like women have a dozen! There are so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide. Certainly, there are pros and cons of each style. How will you ever decide?

Remember, it's not just about aesthetics. Underwear serves a health purpose! Bacteria and yeast thrive in warm environments. Wearing correct-fitting underwear offers another layer to catch all of the sweat or wetness you produce throughout the day. If you're not wearing the right underwear, the possibility of a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection is much higher. This is precisely why Sheath started producing high-quality underwear for women!

With this in mind, let's consider a few of the main options for women's underwear:

#1 Boy shorts. This style of underwears off full frontal coverage, with a little bit of cheek in the back. This option offers more front coverage than most others. The leg openings are not cut high and tend to be lower than the crotch with full side hip coverage. They're ideal for either lounging at home in a t-shirt or wearing under a dress for confidence in your protection.  

#2 Bikini brief. Chances are, when you picture women's underwear this is what you are imagining. This style naturally fits a women’s bikini line with a low waistband and very high leg openings. The back has moderate coverage. It's great for any outfit and any figure.

#3 Women's boxers. This isn't the same as grabbing a pair of your boyfriend's underwear. Women's boxer shorts are designed and shaped to fit a woman's body. Our boxers are crafted with the active woman in mind. These boxers feature an extended leg length to provide full coverage of the bottom and a snug, reliable fit that won't ride up or wedge in even the most athletic situations. This underwear is both comfortable enough to wear at home on the couch and to the gym!

#4 Thong. Most people consider this style to be very sexy. It is ideal for those looking for no back coverage so there are no panty lines at all. Thongs usually sit low on the hips. They are great for form fitting outfits, like jeans or yoga pants. You can wear as tight of pants as you want with no panty lines!

#5 High Waist Brief. This is a vintage look that has come back in style. If you want full back and front coverage, this is the style for you. Your underwear will rise as high as your natural waist. Don’t go too tight in the waist, though, or they can be a bit uncomfortable.

Our underwear is designed with the female body in mind. We do so to support genital health and comfort. There is no reason that your underwear can't also be stylish as well! With this in mind, wearing Sheath underwear means you will not only look your best, but feel your best too!

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