Next Fight 2020: Cowboy Cerrone vs Conor McGregor - UFC 246 - by SHEATH

Next Fight 2020: Cowboy Cerrone vs Conor McGregor - UFC 246 - by SHEATH

Tune in: Saturday 1/18/20 - 10:00 PM/ET
More info: UFC 246 - ESPN+

Come January 18th, titans will clash - Cowboy Cerrone and Conor McGregor are set to go toe-to-toe at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for UFC 246 on ESPN+. The warriors have agreed to a Welterweight bout with a max weight of 170 lbs despite the two fighters being better known for their performances as Lightweight and Featherweight respectfully. This higher weight class enables the fighters to tack on more mass and worry less about strict dieting and cutting weight; the ingredients for an excellent, no holds barred kind of fight.

Cerrone is 36 years old and married with a single child, his son Danger.

Cowboy was raised by his grandparents and sometimes, having an unusual upbringing will bear an unusual being - What type of man accepts a fight against the UFC's top ranked fighters on short notice time and time again? What type of man drinks beer, shreds on motorcycles and goes sky diving just two weeks before arguably his biggest fight yet? A wild man. A Cowboy. And when it came down to who is the real Cowboy in the UFC, Cowboy Cerrone vs Cowboy Oliveira, Cerrone proved to be the real deal. It isn't just a nick name. He's riding horse, roping cattle, shooting guns and kicking ass. He lives the life.

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Cerrone is a hard person to pin down time-wise. When the SHEATH team arrived at the BMF ranch, we were greeted by Rodrigo Donoso, the talented Rock Star Energy Drink photographer, and he informed us that Cowboy was doing Cowboy shit and he'd be back when he's back.

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So we waited and as the sun was setting, he showed up. He had been so caught up in roping goats, he thought our meeting was the next day. Same went for another sponsor of Cowboy's, Trek Bike Co, who were also there and we were competing for his time to get promotional material. The cameras started to roll and immediately, his professionalism kicked in. He got shit done and everyone got the content they were looking for.

When we finished, we got got a session in the world-famous BMF fire stove sauna, kicked it for about an hour before making our way back to Colorado Springs. We had brought another notorious athlete along with us to the shoot, Strong Man Robert Oberst, which made for some excellent conversations and story swaps. We all fan-boyed a bit and ultimately the experience was everything we expected it to be. 

When Robert Patton got to speak to Donald about the product and how the sponsorship developed, the words that stuck out the most was when he said, "I love them." He loved the pouch and the separation it offered as it was very beneficial in his line of work and play. The SHEATH organization is very proud to be partnered up with Donald and are looking forward to the upcoming fight against McGregor.

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Tune in: Saturday 1/18/20 - 10:00 PM/ET
More info: UFC 246 - ESPN+


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