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Tips for Success in Building Your Own Brand

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With the rise of technology and non-traditional career paths, building your own brand doesn’t seem too farfetched an idea anymore. After all, almost everyone has heard of the term “Instagram influencer,” and with good reason. But if you have any sort of online presence, be it a Facebook account or a Twitter handle, you’ve got a personal brand. A report by CNBC reveals that employers are leaning on social media as a way to screen future employees, highlighting the importance of your digital presence. Because your brand is how people perceive you, it goes without saying that it exists whether or not you consciously build it for yourself. The best thing you can do is to utilize this trend as an opportunity to put your best (digital) foot forward.

Understand your skillset

The first step to building your personal brand is by knowing what you can offer. Thrive Global defines personal branding as the skills and experiences unique to you, thus differentiating yourself from everyone else. Skills like writing, editing, and designing may be commonplace, but the trick is in selling your experience using your expertise.

Start early

In today's increasingly connected world, the best time to start building your brand is now. The digital revolution has made the online presence of both businesses and people crucial to their success, as information published by Maryville University reports that spending on digital marketing is set to increase to $335 billion by 2020. This, in turn, opens the gates for lots of digital marketing and branding opportunities — not just for brands looking to harness digital platforms for themselves, but also for individuals looking to work with them in the future. Investing in your personal brand will attract more clients and corporations, opening the door to opportunities that you otherwise might not come across.

Build Your Self-Confidence

The more you work towards improving yourself inside and out, the better you’ll be able to build your own brand. The more confident you are in your capabilities, the better equipped you will be to face the challenges that come your way. SHEATH advocates instilling a positive mindset and go-getter attitude as good starting points. You can’t build a brand around something you don’t believe in, so building your self-esteem is vital.

Dress for the Part

The clothes you wear have an effect on your brand, not just because they project certain ideas about you, but also because they can have a profound effect on your self-esteem — even if not everyone can see it. That’s why SHEATH’s underwear is designed to bring out your best performance while still being comfortable. Pair these with a smart pair of slacks, a clean blazer, and your favorite shirt to make you look and feel great. Liking what you wear makes you feel good, which in turn lets you radiate self-confidence.

Create Your Portfolio

Highlighting work that you’re proud of shows that you’re excited to work and have the track record to show it. Regardless of what kind of field you’re in, creating a portfolio — whether it be a PDF compilation or a full-blown website — will make it easy for future collaborators to find your work. A digital portfolio also gives you the added benefit of being able to easily update it whenever you like.

These tips are just some starting points to keep in mind when investing in your personal brand. Even if you’re not looking to reach influencer-like status, knowing the importance of a personal brand and building your own will help you navigate the growing world of social media and the digital age.

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