Colossus Swordsman

Behold - The Blue Colossus, Boxer Briefs Fit for the Gods!

Colossus Swordsman

Between answering emails, attending meetings, and managing payroll, the life of Robert Patton, CEO of SHEATH, is a busy one. But even with this frenetic whirlwind of activity, Robert still needs to decompress now and then to recharge his creative juices. He meditates. He works out. He destroys targets with his compound bow. He dunks himself in ice-filled baths. Whatever it takes to find his inner Bob Ross, Robert Patton will do it. But unexpectedly and despite his efforts, Patton's creativity had hit a brick wall.

Bob kept his routine. He added more weight to his compound bow.  He meditated for hours longer each week. He worked out longer. Still, no new ideas for an underwear design came to him—until one night.  

In the dream, Robert sailed a small ship in the rough waters near Rhodes. The salty wind whipped at his face as he steered his small craft towards the Colossus of Rhodes, a gigantic statue dedicated to the Greek god Helios.  Helios is the Greek god of the sun. Bob held his hopes high that some artistic underwear design inspiration would come from his spiritual pilgrimage to one of the ancient wonders of the world.

Colossus Meditation

Robert ascended the steps leading up to the platform where the statue of Helios stood. Once he reached the platform, he kneeled in a gesture of respect. Robert tried clearing his mind, in the vain hope that a new underwear design would pop into his brain. Suddenly, the platform shook. Bob opened his eyes in disbelief. The statue came to life, as if animated by a lifeforce. “Whoa,” Bob thought, “is this really happening?”

“No, Robert,” the statue thundered, “This is merely a dream.”  

Dream or no dream, Robert took advantage of this opportunity and explained his predicament. Then Helios willed the design into his brain.  “Behold,” the sun god thundered, “The Blue Colossus!”

Robert woke up. “Damn,” he thought, “all that cold immersion and meditation finally paid off!” 

The SHEATH V Blue Colossus is equipped with SHEATH's dual pouch and luxurious modal blend, and is complete with its bold shade of blue and runic waistband design inspired by ancient Grecian pottery. The Blue Colossus presents a comfort and style that is truly fit for a god.

SHEATH V Colossus

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