Best Travel Underwear Recommendations

Travel This Summer Comfortably with These Best Travel Underwear Tips

Best Underwear for Travel

Summer is almost here and that means it is time to get away from it all and head out of town for a little vacation. 

You've certainly put a lot of thought into where you're going and the activities you'll be doing while at your destination. Have you put just as much effort into what you're packing in your suitcase? No, we're not talking about the right shoes to explore a new town in or the perfect dress for a special date night. We want to talk about underwear for travel! Follow these best travel underwear tips to enjoy a cool summer trip!

3 Best Travel Underwear Recommendations for This Summer

More than likely, where you're going will have hot temperatures, perhaps even humid as well. You'll want to keep this in mind as you consider the right underwear for travel. Regardless of your final destination, style is necessary too. After all, your vacation will probably entail a little, ahem, romance. Here's what you'll want to keep in mind:

Look at the Materials

Comfort is king (or queen!) when it comes to long-haul flights, road trips, sightseeing, and hiking. According to medical experts, breathable underwear is best for vaginal health. That's not to say men can ignore this bit of advice. Synthetic underwear fabrics can rub, ride up, and make it impossible for your skin to breathe. What you're looking for are natural materials, like bamboo and cotton, that won’t do any of that. 

Make Sure They Fit Well

The best materials in the world won't help your special parts breathe if you're wearing underwear that's too small. For women's underwear, we offer six sizes: XS through XXL. There's sure to be a size that's perfectly suited to your bum! Men actually have seven size options, XS through XXXL. This XXXL size fits a 48-50 inch waist. After all, we put a lot of thought into how our pouch can best keep your prized possessions comfortable, and that won't happen if they're being squished.

Find the Right Style

The right underwear style for one activity may not be ideal for another. That's why we offer you so many options! Consider women's boxer briefs for walking and exploring, and cheeky boy shorts when you're headed for an evening out on the town. Men, you may want SHEATH 2.1 Bamboo Men's Dual Pouch Trunks for under your bathing suit and then to switch into SHEATH V Men's Single Pouch 8" Sports Performance Boxer Brief w/ Horizontal Fly for other leisure activities. You can't have too many options when it comes to underwear. 

Always pack enough underwear for your trip. Don't assume you'll have access to a washing machine or laundry services. Before you leave, you need to stock up on SHEATH underwear! Pack one for each day of the trip, at a bare minimum. If you plan on getting extra sweaty or your menstrual cycle dictates you could be on your period, you'll want to pack a few extra just in case. It's time to go online shopping! Isn't that one of the best parts of planning for a summer vacation?

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