It is good to give Thanks

It is good to give Thanks

Appreciation is a feeling that you can remember and you can reconstruct within your own nervous system. You can remember how you felt when you were grateful and relive that feeling while you are still lying in bed trying to muster the motivation to get up. This is a perfect time to practice gratitude. You may not remember to feel appreciation immediately upon rising consciousness, but once you do and you begin to transmute that feeling from a thought into an actual sensation, your day will be starting off on a much better step.

We have all seen or at least heard about "the Secret" and the "Law of Attraction". If you haven't, well.. I recommend stopping, finding the original release of the orignal movie before the edited out one of the presenters (Abraham Hicks). The Original Secret had the exact formula for success. It was Sooo Good and inspirational!! The edited version is good but not great it lacks the full spectrum of how mystical the universe is and how we interact based on our own thoughts. In essence however, the main idea brought forth is that "what you think about consistently over long periods of time (with gratitude for having already received it) you bring that thing about in a similar time frame, likely years unless you are a master at this, but it will come eventually, if you hold to your vision and remain actively grateful. It is to our benefit that thoughts don't spring into reality immediately. This is the case because we wouldn't want every wish we conjured to be produced immediately as this might cause serious unintended consequences. If our negative thoughts sprang into being like the time you wished that person was dead, you might be happy later that this wish didn't come true. Thoughts are so vital to our success and none of us can deny the part that thinking plays in our own motivation which is our strongest asset.

Whether we can think things into being or force them with physical labor, the truth is both play a vital role. We may be able to pray things away or for a green light to stay green when we are in a hurry to see our lover but each situation will vary based on the universal law of chance mixed with a hint of determination. Sometimes you get the green light some times you get the red light. Sometimes the thing you prayed away stays, and sometimes it disappears but these are things we don't have control over. or do we? This is not 100% determinable so we will move on. 

What we do have control over is our mind and our thought patterns. If we remember that thinking the opposite of appreciation usually doesn't amount to a very positive day. Can we not all agree it is true that when the day starts off bad, things can tend to spiral in a negative way due to our perception of what is happening, whereas with the counterpart, when the day starts off with a great cup of coffee and great hair, the day can tend to roll a little smoother. So thought plays a part in how our day goes. We can all agree to that, but if you are like me, we are looking for more than a smooth day. We are looking for continuous strings of days that are engrained with stellar performance where we beat all expectations and delivered the masterpiece finished product followed by an avalanche of cash. Every Day! Maybe when we have that avalanche of cash, maybe then we will want things to simply go smoothly, but even then, if history is any indication, the avalanche will soon not suffice and we will need the whole mountain of cash. We always want progress. This is why daily progress over perfection is actually more desirable because we get to see the gains and can take a moment to appreciate them before we do it all again the next day for more net gains.

In order to have this consistent performance, we need a repeatable practice to provide good days continuously. There is a good book that I haven't read called Finding Superman. I recommend it to myself and you. I was listening to the Author on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast which is why I bring it up. He mentions some great insights into reaching the flow state which is great for performance and if we could only remain in that state, our lives would be magical. Unfortunately we can only get into this state for periods, but at least we will have these moments which perhaps we can extend further as we gain mastery over the art of inducing flow. Flow is inspiration in action. I highly recommend gaining more knowledge on this topic. We will do a more in depth article soon. 

 My personal favorite book for how to think rich, which is different from flow but a method of getting into the zone is the "Science of getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles, followed by my second favorite and less digestible, but highly recommended "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Both provide a great deal of inspiration and mental practices to help with the creative process. Both books recommend an ample amount of auto suggestion or self talk.

This is where being grateful comes back into play. Autosuggestion or self talk can be a method of bringing yourself in to a state of gratitude; which is one of the best states to be in. Bob Proctor says You might begin with something like this "I am so happy and grateful now that I have money coming to me, in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis". This is nearly ideal because it accounts of our constant need for growth. Can you imagine, if every day we made a little more money or every year our income went up by 10 or 20k. We would be on a perpetual cycle of growth which by and large brings us a sense of satisfaction.

Progress is the answer but if you take a helicopter ride to the summit, you aren't going to feel the same sense of satisfaction as the guy that hiked up, unless you bought the Helicopter off the sweat of your own brow and in this case you may feel a greater sense of satisfaction but only for one or two trips, then you will get accustomed to it, and you will feel better if you went back to the bottom and climbed up. Sometimes super rich people have to do increasingly difficult feats like climb Mount Everest to provide that sense of accomplishment that they used to get when they were taking over their prospective industries. The key is to remain grateful to keep ever reaching higher and higher plateaus. Stay grateful my friend. 

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