Image of the different styles of SHEATH Underwear

5 Simple Rules Men Should Know About Their Underwear

Image of the different styles of SHEATH Underwear

You probably don't think that much about your underwear. For this reason, you may be making some simple mistakes that are bringing you pain or discomfort without realizing it. Let's fix that right now!

#1 Each style has a purpose beyond aesthetics. When it comes to underwear, there is nothing more important than comfort. When it comes to wearing underwear while exercising, there seem to be several different opinions out there. For some people, wearing boxers is truly bothersome, as their boxers tend to shift and bunch up during exercise. They don't like the tight feeling of briefs, though. Boxer briefs are right in the middle, offering the best of both!

#2 You don't need to wear the same style everyday or for every occasion. For many men, boxer briefs are ideal for exercise. That doesn't mean you need to only wear boxer briefs for everything. Boxer trunks are designed to make you feel comfortable. You can wear these while sleeping or when you’re walking around the house. Briefs provide full support. They can make you feel sexy and help you reflect confidence on a date.

#3 Your body type matters too! If you are buying your underwear in the right size and still struggling with the fit, it’s probably because it is not aligned with your body type. Those who are very muscular, thin, and heavy around the middle are not going to find the exact same thing comfortable. Tighter styles are designed for men with thin, fit, and muscular body types. Those with a "dad bod" may prefer loser boxer shorts. 

#4 Think about the fabric and material. Cotton and bamboo seem to be the most exercise-friendly material to wear. Both of these materials are completely breathable and lightweight. You never want to wear something like silk or satin to the gym, as they often rub and cause irritation. Plus, neither one is a breathable material. 

#5 Avoid "going commando." You may have heard some men say they don't wear underwear when they work out. They say that the use of underwear while exercising is a matter of personal preference. First of all, you definitely should be wearing underwear when you exercise, whether you're at the gym, fitness center, running, riding your bike, or doing anything else. For one thing, the revealing nature of gym shorts can't be ignored. You may find yourself quite embarrassed if you don't cover yourself up properly. Beyond this, supportive underwear serves a very practical purpose while working out. Underwear that conforms to your body allows for a fuller range of movement and prevents seams from riding up uncomfortably.

If you're struggling with the underwear you wear to workout, you need Sheath Underwear! We can tell you all about our superior craftsmanship, calculative design, and stylish appearance, but nothing will convince you quite like slipping into a pair of our underwear for yourself. You will absolutely love wearing a pair of Sheath Underwear; we know it!

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