4 Tips to Fold Underwear

4 Tips to Fold Underwear

Because Sheath Underwear is known as underwear experts, we are frequently asked a lot of underwear-related questions. One we get quite often is how to fold underwear. You're not just shoving yours into the drawer right? You can do better than that!

No one loves to fold clothes; we get that! Chances are pretty good that you probably don’t want to fold your underwear, but you should! From saving space to making them last longer in good condition, it really is important. Folding your underwear can do a lot more than you might think. With this in mind, here's a few different ways to do it:

Idea #1 Make a small square

This first idea is best for smaller underwear, like women's bikini briefs. To begin, start with your bikini briefs on a flat surface, with the front side facing down and the crotch end closest to you. Fold each side of the waistband in towards the center, starting with one side and then the other. This folding method is perfect for saving space by stacking underwear because you'll be able to store them vertically.

Idea #2 Do a simple roll

Start with your underwear in the same position as the first idea. Fold one side of the waistband in towards the center and then the other, so they overlap. Then, roll the waistband towards the crotch area. Keep your roll as tight as you possibly can! This rolling method is a fantastic way to save space in your underwear drawer.

Idea #3 Roll and tuck

If you're seriously short on space, this is the folding method for you. This result will be tight and compact, and won't come unrolled easily. Lay your underwear in front of you, face down and upside down, meaning the waistband should be the part closest to you. Start tightly rolling the waistband in and up, then stop when you're about 75% there. Flip your underwear over and then fold each side of the waistband in towards the center so they overlap. Lastly, fold the crotch over to line up with the top. Your underwear is now a tight little bundle and ready to be put away.

Idea #4 The perfect big square

This method is ideal for large boxers, like our men's 8" boxer briefs. Lay your men's underwear face-up, with the crotch section closest to you. Grab the one leg of your underwear and fold it into the middle of your underwear, then repeat with the second. You should have a long rectangle as a result. Take the crotch part of the underwear, and fold it one-third of the way up towards the waistband. Fold this section up one more time until it meets the waistband. When you have finished, you have big squares that are perfect for stacking in your underwear drawer.

You have several great options. The choice is yours!

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