SHEATH is Complete Relaxation

SHEATH Underwear is like taking a long warm bath and relaxing until you fall asleep. Wearing SHEATH Underwear is like getting into one of those new isolation tanks and floating in a space with no sight, smell, taste, touch, or or sound. Completely cut off from the outside world with no distractions, irritations, annoyances, readjustments or anything. Just complete relaxation. SHEATH Underwear is like a float tank for your balls. If you have never been in an isolation tank, you should try one before you die. The Isolation tank is a place where all your thoughts came come through to your minds eye without any outside influence. So you can more readily see what's really on your mind. It is a great place to sort things out. Sort of like the float tank, the idea of SHEATH Underwear is to take away the one major distraction that can cause irritation or minor annoyances  caused by the hunk of meat and two balls dangling from our midsection like the liberty bell. Can you imagine running a marathon with the liberty bell dangling and ringing between your legs for 26.2 miles? Well anyone who has run a marathon knows, you don't were boxers on a marathon. You need some compression shorts or something, but the deal with compression shorts is that they merely squash your junk into you like a vacuum sealed bag that squishes everything together as tight as possible. It's an option... but not the best one. SAXX underwear; one of our competitors has a design that tries to solve this issue, but I read somewhere on the internet, that they were garbage and the fact is we have tried them and garbage is pretty harsh, but not entirely inaccurate. They added two slits in the interior made out of some panty hose material that is intended to keep the balls off the inner thighs, but they don't address the taint, you can't not address the taint. Plus the panty hose material isn't qualified to hold balls. Balls are heavy and need serious handling requiring a more sturdy material like a cotton or modal blend. So SAXX was on the right track, but they missed the mark on that one. Then you have UFM or Underwear for Men. (Clever name and they are also getting warmer but they have a draw string attached to the underwear to help lift the scrotum from out between the legs, but they have strings? and that is a bit much when you are trying to sleep. "With SHEATH Underwear, there are no strings attached" BOOM!! That just happened. We just roasted UFM, but back to the story.  SHEATH Underwear is designed to slightly and gently lift the male genitals, the entire package, from between the legs with an inverted Kangaroo pouch. The design stolen straight from nature, our best source for life enhancing hacks. The frank and beans are inserted into the pouch after sticking each foot through the leg holes and sliding them up the legs. As soon as you get the near the waist, the package should slide right into the pouch like a pistol in the holster and voila!! The back of the sack is now one soft fabric layer removed from between the taint and the balls will not touch the inner thigh region. It is truly a dream come true. Remember when you used to have to stick a pillow between your legs to keep your balls from sweating all over your thighs at night in bed? This will soon be a thing of the past. With SHEATH, the hottest part of your body will no longer be right behind your nut sack. No more grime. No more in appropriate readjustments at the dinner table. The SHEATH is the answer. A simple design that should have been accomplished long ago, but we are still at the forefront of our existence.  Our newest release is on pre-sale and is scheduled to arrive in 6-10 days so order some before they sell out. SHEATH 3.2. We only ordered one color option so there is a limited supply. Try the other brands we mentioned if you like. We are completely confident that in a trial test, SHEATH will win hands down. If not, then you find an underwear that fits you best. We are looking out for your. :) 

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