Traditional Underwear invites the commando.

Traditional Underwear invites the commando.

We can't tell you how many times people have told us or someone that they don't wear underwear. "I go commando" says the tough guy who is smarter than everyone else like they found the hidden treasure of life. Well TBH, commando is pretty gross. The initial purpose of underwear was to prevent your jeans which you wouldn't wash as much from getting urine stains on them. So broadcasting that you are not wearing underwear is like broadcasting that you pee all over your inner pants and there is nothing keeping you from getting irritated skin. From experience, there is nothing worse than an unsanitary environment for irritated skin. 

For SHEATH the idea is to keep your skin fresh and clean in a sterile environment to prevent skin irritation. For some the issue is more severe. People with sensitive skin or allergies can have an adverse reaction to an unsanitary environment and we take these people fully into consideration, because we are these people. Going commando means you have given up on underwear and it also means that you have given up on being civilized. Not to mention the risk  you undertake when drawing up the zipper of jeans. We all saw "There is something about Mary" and the last thing you want is getting the frank and the beans caught in the zipper. That is just bad planning. Failing to plan is planning to fail and SHEATH underwear are the ultimate underwear for the man with a plan. We are not saying do this but how can you sneak a flask into the club when your commando? Well you can stick it where the sun don't shine, but who wants to drink out of a flask with butt juice all over the place. With SHEATH, you will have to forgo the comfort of using the SHEATH for your own private parts to insert the private party flask until you get in and then your in a whole other scenario trying to consume out of the flask without being asked to leave by security for breaking the rules of the club. Like we said we are not condoning such behavior. As far as we are concerned if you are at a club, pay the club owner in the cost of drinks and treat yo self to a good time. You don't want to be all paranoid about getting caught with a flask or worse look like a moron getting kicked out because you were too cheap to buy your girl a drink. lol. 

The best mens underwear were never tried by the man who decided to go commando. We get it. Why wear traditional underwear then they make you more uncomfortable than without them? Well we are saying don't wear traditional Underwear. There are many new underwear companies that exist today that have evolved from regular underwear. Unlike Meudies, which is just a regular underwear design with fancy print that come with matching panties for your girlfriend, how cute, there are at least a dozen new style underwear that have a pouch for your crotch, but we must warn you, not all crotch pockets are the same. Well some are of instance, MyPackage, 2Under, and Stance, all have a very very loose pouch that doesn't secure anything unless your are Mark Walberg or something and it still doesn't make sense.  Try for yourself, if you have the money to compare, we suggest you try SHEATH as well as some of these others to see what you like best. We personally, don't know what they are doing with those designs but some people like them and well Saxx, which is a brand name and also a clever way of saying Sacks!! lol, they have burst on the scene and taken over with some big endorsements and a great marketing team, but they too really lack the support you could get if they just didn't try so hard to be clever. They place thin sometimes orange panty hose like lining in the underwear that somewhat acts as a barrier keeping your balls from touching your inner legs only they forgot about the taint.SHEATH Underwear is better than Saxx

Never forget about the taint. No one wants a sweaty taint and if your balls are just resting on your taint, well that generates heat, which generates sweat, which generates funk potentially. With SHEATH, you get the full package protected from the inner thigh region which contrary to some, reduces heat as opposed to generating more heat. The balls are away from the body still and then also not generating heat from the friction cause by skin to skin rubbing in the crotch area. Being the hottest part of the body, keeping cool testes is a delight that SHEATH provides. Treat yourself to some. IF you read this far, use promo code 'Offer' to save 20% off your first SHEATH order. 

Even though we know it is not what is on the outside, it is what is on the inside that truly counts. One day we want to have some underwear as fancy as these. 

SHEATH Underwear is better than Versace.

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