David Acosta From Team Alpha Male fights in the Main Card

Many People don't know but there are literally dozens of smaller organizations that the UFC cherry picks its stars from. They aren't just fighting in a Gym for years and then all of the sudden get their shot on the Ultimate Fighter. No. In order to get on the Ultimate fighter, you have to have a professional record unless they are starting an entirely new division as they did with the females a while back but as for others, they are looking for guys with records and there are stand out stars in the smaller leagues and we are here to present one such stand out here. David Acosta will be fighting on the main card for Legacy Fighting Championship which will be televised tonight at 9pm Central on Axs TV. that is on Cable so look it up if you didn't know it existed. The fights represented on these cards are for those hungry up and comers who haven't made it yet and are fighting for their right to make it to the big show. They are full of hopes and dreams and we at SHEATH are happy to be a part of their Journey. We already have 2 Belt holders in these smaller organizations and we have at team of Five fighters. David being our newest member. He would make #2 out of Team Alpha male. His team Mate Proper Michael Malott fight in Bellator just a few months ago and had his hand raised by Big John McCarthy. That was truly a sight to see but we will do an expose on him soon. For now we are focusing on the young up and comer "Super Dave" David Acosta


This is the guy he is fighting on the Main Card. His name is not important as he is just another obstacle before Super Dave and his road to the UFC.

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We will be doing a full expose on David in the future. His fight is tonight so we wanted to get this out. 

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  • hi, i am woo from Sweden and i want to explain any thing about “pandemic”. Please ask me :)

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