SHEATH Underwear is the Best Men's Underwear available Online.

SHEATH Underwear is the Best Men's Underwear available Online.

SHEATH Underwear is the best mens underwear online and if you think about it, because the pouch is actually optional, this makes SHEATH twice as good as most underwear because if you don't use the pouch for it's suggested purpose which is to isolate the male anatomy from the inner thigh region to eliminate sticking, they are just like regular underwear only also, the pouch could be used for a multitude of various purposes. To mention a few purposes other than deviant ones (like sneaking a flask into the club), you could potentially place a napkin or toilet tissue inside the pouch. You never know what sort of circumstances you may be in, especially after a night of drinking. Ever got the drips? Sorry to embarrass. It happens to everyone, but let's move on. Of course it has been joked that you could put a condom or candy in the pouch (but not cotton candy), and that is fine, however somewhat unrealistic and unprofessional. If you know what is going into the pouch, you may not want to share that space with something that will be going into your mouth.


The origin of the underwear brief pouch was actually invented by a Chinese man in 1981. For some strange reason, it is no longer available to see with photos on google patent search, however back in 2010 when we were researching our patent application, for in order to get a patent, you have to actually research the patent library to ensure that you are not infringing on someone else's idea and believe us, there are some funky mens underwear designs out there. Funk is cool you are George Clinton, but funk is not on our menu. We wanted to be more unfunky. The SHEATH design is probably one of the more simply constructed pouch underwear. No strings, straps, or removable parts. In an effort to appeal to the masses, we wanted the underwear to appear to be regular boxer briefs on the outside. We want you to be able to walk around in your underwear without being overtly offensive to someone who my see you. We didn't want the frank and beans to be dangling out in front like an elephant trunk, which is what many new underwear companies use these days to claim they have a pouch. The concept is noble, however the main issue with that design, which is employed by literally dozens of underwear companies from CockSox to Andrew Christian, but it seemed to be originated by a company in Australia called Obviously, is that the old cock and balls end up sticking together like 2 year old wadded gum under a bar stool. You have to get a scraper to peel them apart, which would account for an embarrassing situation when in the board room or on a first date in a movie theater. Good luck using the popcorn to shield the adjustment. Hope you bought a large. Back to the other pouch and Obviously, to whom we must give big props to. They sent me 2 pair when I was in Iraq after finding them online. It cost like 48$ but at least they were the first company we saw using it. Unfortunately for them, they didn't patent it properly and the entire underwear market jumped on it like a hot dog pile in football in winter. Fortunately for us, having submitted our patent application promptly, we have been able to keep from having our intellectual property infringed upon, as far as we know. SHEATH could be booming in China. lol.

However and speaking of China, as we mentioned before, the original patent was submitted from Chinese man in 1981 and there have been numerous underwear patent designs submitted and accepted in the interim. There are now over 350 different male underwear companies online which can make it hard to decide which one is best. To that we say, SHEATH is the best, but everyone is different. You may want to try a few different brands or versions within that brand. We are trying many of the new designs as they are developed because we want to not only be known for high quality fabric, remarkable customer service, and our functional pouch design, we simply want to provide the best underwear available. And to this day, we can confidently assert that SHEATH Underwear is the best men's underwear available online. Short of having customized underwear, which we considered at one point when we were working with a Vietnamese tailor for 12 months, because we know that there are different sized guys, but to that we respond, there are also different days and times of the day that we are all different in size therefore we have made the pouch large enough and flexible enough to hold the package securely with the top seam of the pouch cupping around the back of the sack and then providing ample room for growth or even the inevitable "shrinkage". It's all good.

We are on your team and we listen to our teammates. We had excessive requests for a urination fly and now we are offering a model with the Urination fly $26 Available for pre-order now. We also get requests for various fabrics and cuts and we are working on them all. We have a Winter Camouflage version in the can as I write this blog. All we need is funding which is why we place our products as available for pre-order and we THANK YOU profusely for utilizing that option. The fact is funding comes with strings attached and we want to run our business organically with no corporate nannies forcing us to cough up more money. Because of this, we are able to offer very reasonable prices, especially considering our customer loyalty discounts and if we were forced to take a loan, there is no telling how that might affect our overall ability to pass our non-interest bearing inventory savings on to our customers.

We are an independent company owned and operated by 2 brothers, a cousin, and some close friends. Now we all know what they say about working with friends and family, but we have been working together now for over 5 years and our relationships are only getting stronger. That being said, did we have some "friends" we hired that didn't work out? Well if you were on the receiving end of a package that didn't make it to you with the correct contents, then the you know the answer to that question. However, we are malleable and have adapted and overcome said obstacles and today, since that change, we have been error free in the shipping department and this is quite a relief to tell you the truth. Having friends working with you is great if they do a great job, the problem is when they don't do a great job and you have to plead and beg them to not make you fire them by providing incentives and bonuses but there is something that sometimes happens with people where they just don't put in the same sort of effort and dedication that you would when it is your project. It's like you can't pay them enough and it is sad but not terribly. No one is starving to death here and contrary to popular belief these days, there are opportunities out there. You just have to make them happen sometimes. They don't always come to you in a dream. That is not to say that you shouldn't dream. I had a dream when I was a kid of running my own company but I didn't know how and so I went through life with that overall desire that one day it would happen but worked hard at whatever I did and I always did extra. If you want to be successful, you have to do the extra stuff, or as Napoleon Hill put it, "you have to go the extra mile". Be outstanding. Don't do the bare minimum in real life while having Castle in the Sky dreams of fame and fortune. If you are going to dream of fame and fortune, you must be extremely detailed and clear in your description and visualization and then visualize that dream often and eventually that visual should spark some sort of action on your physical part. Such as in the case when I had the idea for the underwear. To get from the point of having the idea to having them produced in large scale took years of action on my part and then to get them legitimately available for sale in many marketplaces took even more time energy and persistence; and that is the word that will get you what you want, persistence. Whether it is to be the Surfboard Riding Champion of the World, News Caster, or anything you could possibly think of. If you put in the effort and persist, there isn't a mountain on this earth that couldn't be moved, "metaphorically". That is like the one think that would be extremely difficult to maneuver, and besides, why would you want to move a mountain? They are majestic; like a painting in the sky, plus you can go on hikes but I am getting off track and we are about to wrap this up in a nice bow. If you want to be something, you are going to have to do a lot!!! So use that inspiration as fuel for action and move your ass, which will preferably be shroud in SHEATH Underwear, the reigning Underwear Champion of the World.

SHEATH Underwear Champion of the world .




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