SHEATH Sponsored Kyle the Monster Nelson Takes Featherweight Belt in Elite 1 Championship

SHEATH Sponsored Kyle the Monster Nelson Takes Featherweight Belt in Elite 1 Championship

Kyle the Monster Nelson wears the best men's underwear in the world and he just took the Elite 1 MMA Promotions Featherweight Championship Belt from Justin Bourgeois last Saturday. 

Excerpt from the Huntsville Forester. Kyle Nelson is back with the belt telling his story of his 2:01 victory. “I picked him up as high as I could get him and slammed him down." read full article "Head Kick, slam get's Huntsville's Nelson the title".

Here are some Photo's. 

mens sheath pouch underwear and kyle the monster nelson

Kyle the Monster Nelson vs Justin Bourgeois

kyle nelson and sheath underwear

Immediately after the body slam and TKO via knee and fists. Kyle gets the Glory.

sheath mens pouch underwear and kyle the monster nelson for the win sheath underwear

Kyle and the Team. I think we have another one of these from 2013 when we took his opponent by rear naked choke. Another first round Victory. 

kyle the monster nelson and sheath underwear

Here is the promo shot after the Win. Thank you Kyle!!!

sheath underwear in the house of champions with kyle the monster nelson.

Here he is being inducted into the House of Champions. Not a scratch on him. 

sheath underwear george saint pierre and kyle the monster nelson

Is that George Saint Pierre giving us the fist with Kyle giving the Thumbs up? He is training with the best in the world. No wonder he brought home the belt. Well to Canada, where he lives. But we love Canada so it's all Good. 

sheath underwear kyle the monster nelson fighting shorts

We are so proud of Kyle the Monster Nelson, Follow him here on Facebook. He's only a Monster in the Gym and Octagon. Otherwise, he is a family man with a wife and son. Here he is with his boy.

kyle the monster nelson wearing sheath underwear hat with his son.

Kyle the Monster Nelson is the New Featherweight Champion of Elite 1 MMA and yes, there is a strong chance that this bad boy would stalk and conquer Conor McGregor in a UFC octagon. SHEATH has been sponsoring Kyle since the beginning and we are so happy we have stuck with him.

Here is his fictional beginning. When he was just 5 years old, everyone knew he was tough because one day when a bully started picking on one of his friends, Kyle decided to intervene. Now the bully was 2 year ahead of his class and about 35 pounds larger than Kyle, but the Monster was already in Kyle and he without hesitation stepped in between the bully and his friend and said, if you want to fight my friend, you are going to have to get through me(classic), and then instinctively pulled a maneuver taught in judo. He side stepped around the bully's legs and gave him a shove putting the former bully on the ground kicking up some dust from the dry ground. The person formerly known as a bully must have felt the force from the push to know that Kyle wasn't average in strength. Some consider Kyle's strength to be mutant like. For his size he can administer far more force per square inch than people much larger and seemingly stronger. Like the scene in Rocky IV, when the Ivan Drago was punching into the power measuring device. Kyle breaks those devices each time they try to test him. He is compact with fast twitch fibers and a chin of solid granite, though it is rarely tested due to his dominant foot movement.

Back to Reality.

In his last fight, just before winning this Featherweight belt, he was fighting in another league for another belt in a higher 155lb weight class (lightweight) against a life long martial artist that doesn't even speak english.  Kyle took the fight that no one else was willing to take and he stalked this Van Damme looking character (ADRIAN HADRIBEAJ) only to lose in a decision because neither of the fighters could stop their opponent. See Fight Here. And it was such a close a fight, the judges had to give it to the reigning champion. The silver lining was in that loss he learned that he could withstand the fist of fury of anyone in his weight class or higher. Keep in mind, this is a fight which he took without question jumping up to 155. Sound Familiar? (Conor McGregor) It isn't easy to jump a weight class, but it takes guts and he learned in that fight definitively, that he has what it takes to hang with the best around. So when the chance came up to fight for the vacant belt slot on Elite 1, again he had no hesitation. He said, it doesn't matter who it is, I am in another league compared to these novices. I should be in the UFC (I mean let's be real, I train with GSP and Firas Zahabi , and he will be. His time will come. He was fortunate enough to try out for The Ultimate Fighter a.k.a. TUF 2 seasons ago only to be let go, not because he didn't kill it, this was when the organization decided to go with Americans vs Europeans. Remember Conor Vs. Uriah? Yeah that season. Kyle is just another badass Canadian, an elite fighter and we were so happy to hear when this untelevised event went his way and he took the belt back to his home in Canada.

Thanks Kyle for being such a classy Representative for SHEATH. 


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