I thought underwear was just underwear.

I thought underwear was just underwear.

Underwear is not just underwear anymore. It is no longer necessary to smash your junk back into your crotch which only generates more heat and creates a hot mess as is with traditional non anatomically correct underwear. SHEATH Underwear has rearranged the situation; literally. Sewn inside the SHEATH Underwear is a pouch that acts as a loose fit "SHEATH" to cover or protect an elongated object, or in this case, the entire male package. That is right. The frank and the beans fit gently into the pouch which thus creates an environment of comfort and relaxation. After putting on a fresh pair of SHEATH underwear, it is like placing your package in an isolation tank. No no tough, taste, or smell. The SHEATH is the ultimate compartment for your family Jewels.

If you were a gunslinger you would need a holster for your pistol. Well you are a slinger of that thang and you need a wholester for your weapon. Otherwise your junk will be smashed up against your body as with traditional tighty whities or dangling all over the place with Boxers. Of course we have the optional boxer brief, which is arguably the best design for underwear up to this point but...Most boxer briefs don't have this special spacious groin isolation pouch. It is snug enough to keep you in place, but loose enough that it won't constrict your sack. No one wants a bruised banana. Keep your package in a nice cool temperature controlled environment in SHEATH Underwear and if you try our New SHEATH 3.0 comprised out of 95% modal and 5 % elastane for added flexibility, you will find that the material is moisture wicking, durable, will not fade or shrink and can last over 1,000 washes; not that you would want to keep underwear that long, but if you did they would last and the material keeps you cool when it is hot outside and warm when it is cool outside. The Modal fabric is extracted from the beechwood tree and is twice as soft as cotton and lasts 10 times longer.

You will not be disappointed if you try our SHEATH brand underwear. Not only does the name fit the product, it is cool, and it is endorsed by fighters and soldiers all over the globe. We are international and have recently added a distribution station in the U.K. and Canada, so if you are across the pond or across the northern border, we can ship your product without international shipping costs or having to deal with customs. International shipping orders over 75$ will be shipped via DHL. We are so grateful for the thousands of loyal customers and only hope to make the world a better place by keeping the balls happy. Want happy balls? Wear SHEATH. We have a 100% money back guarantee so what is there to lose? Only the the discomfort of ordinary underwear. You may have to buy a whole new set of drawers once you try SHEATH but we have 5packs to help absorb some of the costs and if you sign up for our Email Distribution list, you will guaranteed receive discounts for our products at least once a month to save further. We currently offer standard shipping prices to Canada and the U.K. as well as the U.S. of course. Our products are also available on Amazon.com and for prime members you can get free shipping on our SHEATH 3.0 Single pair opiton. Thank you again. 


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