SHEATH Underwear - The Best Men's Underwear -revised.

SHEATH Underwear - The Best Men's Underwear -revised.

Sheath men's ball pouch underwear is designed to provide maximum comfort for your package regardless of your activities. The crotch pocket will keep your junk from overheating, sweating, sticking and needing readjustment using the newly developed Dry-Thigh Technology. Place your junk in these drawers and you will be amazed at the comfort they provide. Sheath underwear is here.

It is our opinion that women's panties and regular mens briefs or

whitey tighties

are practically the same design. Neither are designed to provide extra room for the male anatomy and certainly don't have the genital isolation pouch included in every pair of SHEATH Underwear.  If you are wearing any other brand that isn't SHEATH, you may as well be wearing panties. Even certain boxer brief's like Tommy John or Jockey pouch (which have no pouch), don't do the job needed in mens underwear.

SHEATH's mission is to provide the most comfortable men's underwear in the world to everyone in the world. Women garments may or may not be in the future of SHEATH LLC. As the women's underwear industry is flooded with competition with no real need for improvement as of yet, we are sticking to where we are needed most, in taking care of the men's issues with underwear.

SHEATH LLC is an independent company run by 3 individuals; a 2 time Iraqi war Veteran with an MBA, a Musician/Producer/Artist, and a college student. 

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