Why you will love SHEATH Underwear

Why you will love SHEATH Underwear

SHEATH under where? Under everything you wear. SHEATH is the reason to love underwear again. Again? Okay, for the first time and this is not just talk. We love reading emails from people that put on SHEATH for the first time and tell us how they started dancing with excitement. Let's face it, no one LOVES regular underwear but you put them on because you are civilized and do not wish to appear as a hippy or a monstrous abominable person, but this does not come close to making you love your war torn underwear. You simply tolerate them and work with what you have. And you can continue to ignore the situation down there, but this no longer has to be the case. There are other options available thanks to a bit of insight and ingenuity. 

You will love SHEATH underwear because your boys will have a home. An undercarriage for your package. An inverted Kangaroo pouch for your joey.  A hammock for your ballsack. A compartment for your compadre. A package for your package. A garment for your genitals. A pocket for your pool stick and pool balls. SHEATH provides the comfort like no other underwear company can provide. Simply check out our facebook page, find some of the active participants and ask. We have a growing system of men that support the SHEATH underwear organization and we support them by providing underwear with maximum comfort guaranteed or your money back. Not every single body type will appreciate SHEATH but we find that the majority of men that try SHEATH come back for more. Thank you so much for your interest and we hope you will make your first purchase today.

Since early in this new millennium, some new underwear designs have been emerging. It is as if a new awareness has overcome the mind of man. Either that or quite a few men began experiencing the effect of global warming on their balls and as a result decided to invent some preventative maintenance underwear with pouches intended to isolate the mens dangling three piece set apart from the inner thighs. The inner thighs and balls package are mortal enemies. They do not sit well together yet we force them upon each other with poorly designed underwear. Many of us at night have to place a pillow between the legs to provide some space and comfort for the package, but with SHEATH, the pouch design keeps the boys secure and off your thighs and thus preventing the heath and sweat that arrives from skin to skin contact. And think about the dark hot moist mess that is created with the friction of skin rubbing on skin throughout a long hot day.  We at SHEATH have dubbed this new underwear design, dry-thigh technology.

Multiple underwear companies are offering products to meet this need and the idea is that by keeping the two danglers and their accompanying sausage off the legs, this will eliminate skin to skin contact and prevent excess heat generation and actually provide a cooling effect. While inside the SHEATH, the male package is in it's own semi-loose fitting but flexible separate pouchy poo that will keep the package cool & dry feeling so fresh and so clean & therefore more comfortable. SHEATH takes the place of the need to use talcum or baby powder or gold bond powder however, if used in conjunction with gold bond powder, you have a trifecta. There will be absolutely no sweat but SHEATH reduces the need for this powder step by such an extent that using the powder may actually be overkill and you will just end up with a powdery mess getting all over your pants and what not. 

 Thank you. Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated so we can continue to improve our product. 

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