RPG Podcast #010 | Know Thyself w/ Darion Abbey

RPG Podcast #010 | Know Thyself w/ Darion Abbey

Welcome to the Robert Patton Global Podcast. Join SHEATH Underwear CEO, Robert Patton, as he sits down with talented, impassioned and determined individuals from all walks of life for a melding of the minds. This series' primary focus is to map out a systemic approach to peak human performance by exploring the fundamental attributes of motivation, creativity, optimization and well-being as crucial tools in the strife for success.

On this episode, Robert has a great conversation with Bellator MMA Fighter Darion Abbey. They discuss what it takes to get into Bellator, how to stay dedicated to your goals, refining the ego, and much more.

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-Show Notes-

1:11- Darion Abbey is a professional mixed marital artist signed to Bellator MMA. He originally pursued basketball but had repeated ACL injuries.

4:00- The Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone fight is reviewed when discussing over training and the importance of off days.

6:37- Abbey wants to go to Cerrone’s ranch to ride ATV’s and Motocross.

11:50- Abbey is 1-1 as a pro and has three years of fighting experience.

16:59- You always have to go 100% in anything you do. Abbey’s next venture will be coaching kids basketball.

22:22- Abbey has a distaste for Colby Covington and believes his character on stage is actually who he is in real life.

26:05- After going commando for three years, Abbey started wearing underwear after discovering the comfort of SHEATH.

28:25- Abbey had to deal with a swollen testicle for three weeks because he didn’t wear a cup during a kickboxing practice.

35:36- To become a better reader, Patton has utilized the Wim Hof breathing method to stay focused.

38:05- Abbey enjoys playing RPG’s like Skyrim on PlayStation.

39:32- Because both of his knees are sensitive, Abbey chooses to swim, bike, and or the stair master for cardio.

42:16- Before the fight, Abbey will visualize everything to prepare for the unexpected.

49:20- Patton & Abbey are both big fans of Luis J. Gomez and Michael Bisping.

1:00:17- Patton admits that he has lost every fighting bet he has made. Abbey believes Jose Aldo has some of the best leg kicks in the game. Calf kicks are highly effective at limiting your opponents mobility.

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