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SHEATH V Iceberg Men's 8" Sports Performance Boxer Brief

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SHEATH V Men's 8" Sports Performance Boxer Brief
SHEATH V Men's 8" Sports Performance Boxer Brief-


Behind the Design

SHEATH V Iceberg Pouch

Isolative Dual Pouch

The Dual Pouch eliminates friction by gently isolating not only the genitals from the inner thighs, but also the penis from the testicles

SHEATH Iceberg Modal Fabric

Ultra Soft Modal Blend

Our modal fabric blend ensures long-lasting comfort and moisture relief in even the most uncomfortable climates

SHEATH V Iceberg Waistband

Branded Athletic Waistband

Where function meets fashion, the V Iceberg athletic waistband offers a delicate blend of softness, security and style

Luke Adams on iceberg

Why Icebergs?

Symbolically, many of us hide our struggles below the surface away from friends, family members and even ourselves. Our hope is to provide a powerful visual metaphor on the invisible battles that many of us hide, just below the surface.

Breaking the Stigma

Breaking the Stigma

Antiquated masculine beliefs teach us not to show our vulnerabilities, that asking for help is a sign of weakness. It is this very stigma that continues to drive suicide rates and the decline of men's mental health. Together, we can end it once and for all.

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