SHEATH G6 Bamboo Men's Single Pouch Boxer Brief w/ Horizontal Fly

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Color: BLACK




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SHEATH 3.21 Men's Dual Pouch Boxer Brief
SHEATH 3.21 Men's Dual Pouch Boxer Brief -


Behind the Design

SHEATH G6 Bamboo Single Pouch

Isolative Single Pouch

A hark back to the SHEATH 1.0, our simple yet elegant single pouch design provides isolation of the male package from the inner thigh

SHEATH Bamboo Fabric Blend

Luxurious Bamboo Blend

Our bamboo fabric blend takes comfort to a whole new level with an added weight and exquisite softness

SHEATH G6 Fabric Covered Waistband

Fabric Covered Waistband

Our fabric-covered elastic waistband provides the same comfort and security as our athletic bands while protecting sensitive skin

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