We proudly present to you the SHEATH Corps - an army of able, talented and influential individuals who have found SHEATH Underwear to be not only a luxury, but a necessity in their active lifestyle. These remarkable men and women utilize SHEATH in their displays of excellence, and we are proud to have the ability to provide them with comfort and support on their journey to greatness.

"Super Dave" Acosta
MMA Fighter

David Acosta is a Texas-born Flyweight Mixed Martial Artist fighting out of Sacramento, CA. He is affiliated with Team Alpha Male and is trained in all aspects of MMA, but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is where he found his home. As an amateur, David held the belt as Legacy Amateur Series Flyweight Champion and defended it before turning Pro. Standing at a height of 5’5 and weighing in just over 125 lbs, David is a lightning-fast force to be reckoned with. His stand up is quick, he is lethal on his back and his cardio is remarkable; a killer combination for any weight class.
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Andy Ashton
Model/Fitness Trainer/Martial Artist

Andy Ashton is a remarkably talented individual with a massive repertoire. Having noteworthy experience as a professional fitness trainer, internationally published model, actor, martial artist, spokesperson and World Fitness Champion, he has become recognized the world over as a fitness icon and inspirational figure. We are proud to welcome Andy into the ranks of the SHEATH Corps.
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"Slippery Pete" Barrett
MMA Fighter

Peter Barrett is a Lightweight Mixed Martial Artist from Abington, MA and fighting out of Stoughton, MA. He is an affiliate of Skill of Strength Training Facilities and discloses little about his training as a fighter. The most notable quality of his fighting style is the sheer accuracy and devastation of his landed blows, having won the majority of his fights in the first round with a TKO. With the current streak he is on, Pete is on his way straight to the top with SHEATH backing his every move.
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Serena Beatty
Primal Fitness

The incredible Serena Beatty is a talented young woman whose ferocity is exceeded only by her grace with the mace. She is committed to honing her abilities and technique, and has an attitude that allows her to conquer everything she sets out to achieve. Having already attained certification as an Onnit Academy Foundations Trainer, a license for the practice of Massage Therapy and an ironclad reputation as the Steel Mace Gypsy, it is an honor to have her in the SHEATH Corps.
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Josiah Brooks

When asked to describe the incredible Josiah Brooks, the first word that comes to mind is dedication. Equipped with an unbridled passion for physical fitness, Brooks has sculpted not only his physique, but his repertoire by having developed partnerships with some of the finest wellness, athletic and fashion brands in the industry including Beyond Raw Labs, Performix, Yerise Eyewear, DVMN Pigeon, Raiders n’ Rebels and more. Aside from being a prominent fitness model, Brooks is also a committed musician who uses his artistic expression as an inspirational and motivational tool for his listeners. Pair this with his positive mindset, his desire to succeed and his alignment with the SHEATH mission, it was clear to see that Brooks was a necessary addition to the SHEATH Corps.
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Justin Carrillo

Soccer extraordinaire, Justin Carrillo is a man with incredible talent and an unparalleled passion for his sport. His foowork, flawless and his dedication, palpable - Carrillo lives and breathes soccer as the Account Executive for the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC, and now a SHEATH Sponsored Athlete.
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"Steve Nasty" Chan
MMA Fighter

One of the fiercest fighters to step foot into the octagon, Steven Chan is not someone you would want to find yourself going toe-to-toe with. Fighting for DUB Nutrition and Snake Pit MMA, his dedication, speed and upredictable fighting style goes unmatched in bouts with his contenders.
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Alysia Colandrea

When mentioning the talented Alysia Colandrea, it would be easier to list what she does not do. As an experienced model, actress, dancer, instructor, choreographer and fitness enthusiast, the multifaceted Colandrea's professional portfolio is bursting at the seams with notable mentions, placing her among the highest ranked in the SHEATH Corps.
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Tyler Edwards
Body Builder

The body-building Tyler Edwards is a passionate young man who is always working hard at sculpting his physique, as well as developing his reputation as a physical fitness instructor/advocate with his youtube channel, Tyler's Fitness. Continuously breaking boundaries and achieving new heights in his capability, it is safe to say that there is no end in sight for his journey down the road to greatness.
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Sam Heckman

A natural-born bass angler, outdoor aficionado and lure master, Sam Heckman is an invaluable component of the SHEATH Corps. Through his passion for the wilderness and his willingness to teach the youth of his region, Heckman is keeping the antiquated practices of fishing and outdoor appreciation alive and well with SHEATH supporting his cause.


Erin Jones

The ineffable Erin Jones is a ray of sunshine in our army of SHEATH soldiers. Her remarkable talent as both an artist and a model, along with her dedication, warmth and energetic spirit make her a crucial part of not only the SHEATH Team, but the message we hope to spread via the SHEATH brand.
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Alex King

Do not let his age fool you, as Alex King is a young man with an incredible future on the horizon. An impassioned athlete, outdoorsman and physical fitness enthusiast, King's continuous strive for excellence is exceedingly apparent in all that he does, making him a powerful addition to the ranks of the SHEATH Corps.
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Casey Linnell

Casey Linnell is someone you can reliably look to for a good adventure. This guy is always up to something, whether it be marathon training, mountain hiking, canyon roaming, target practicing or just grilling up some deliciousness.
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Silas Morris

Silas Morris is the epitome of an outdoorsman. We had the pleasure of meeting him during our SHEATH Casting Call at the 2018 International Sportsmen's Expo in Denver. Hunting, fishing, hiking, cycling, golfing or just cracking open a cold one, you can bet Silas will be appreciating the great outdoors wherever life leads him.
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"Kyle The Monster" Nelson
MMA Fighter

A force to be reckoned with, Kyle Nelson is a Lightweight Mixed Martial Artist fighting out of his hometown of Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. He is a Muskoka Kickboxing affiliate with a strong ground game, but is truly in his element when delivering devastating “stand and swing” blows. His style is very malleable, having the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments to his technique based on the situation he is in. In addition to repping Sheath markings in the ring, Kyle plays an essential role in Sheath’s expansion as the overseer of distribution all across the Canadian region.
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Travis Reid
Amateur Skateboarder

Travis Reid is a sponsored street skater born and raised in the beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. His individualistic style of skating makes him a sight to behold when he steps onto the board, earning him a spot among the Boardr Global Ranks and as the only skateboarder currently enlisted in the SHEATH Corps.
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Steven Samadhi
Kundalini Yoga Instructor/Musician

A spirited individual with a big heart, Steven Samadhi makes his way through life with the powers of kindness, positivity, physicality and mindfulness. Trained as an instructor of Kundalini Yoga, and also a promising musical talent, Steven's presence in the SHEATH Corps not only raises our spirits, but brings a sense of diversity to the types of lifestyle for which SHEATH can prove beneficial.
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Leo Urquides
Savage Movement

Truly a paragon of integrity and greatness, the mighty Leo Urquides is unparalleled in the way of Steel Mace flow and artistry. Having turned his passion and dedication for the mace into his life's work, Leo now works with his maces full-time, instructing others in the ways of the flow and honing his own arsenal of techniques with SHEATH backing him along the way.
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