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SHEATH Underwear is no ordinary undergarment. Conceived at the intersection of style, comfort, quality and functionality, our underwear is crafted for the purpose of providing an unprecedented level of comfort to the active man.
As we all know, hot and humid conditions can result in an array of uncomfortable predicaments in a man’s genital region, ranging anywhere from undesirable moistness, to inner thigh sticking, to chafing, to rashes and irritation. It is in these times of hardship that we at SHEATH aim to improve your quality of life with our carefully crafted pouch technology and our cooling, breathable, formfitting materials. Having spent years perfecting our design, maximizing comfort and listening to our valued customers so that we may better suit your needs, we take great pride in providing the world with the pinnacle of men’s high-end athletic apparel at an affordable price point.

SHEATH is available internationally, shipping out of various headquarters in Blackpool, UK, Ontario, CA and our home base in the beautiful state of Texas.

SHEATH is proud to introduce